[ US /ˈsɑft, ˈsɔft/ ]
[ UK /sˈɒft/ ]
  1. not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship
    what a cushy job!
    the easygoing life of a parttime consultant
    a soft job
  2. (used chiefly as a direction or description in music) soft; in a quiet, subdued tone
    the piano passages in the composition
  3. produced with vibration of the vocal cords
    voiced consonants such as `b' and `g' and `z'
    a frequently voiced opinion
  4. using evidence not readily amenable to experimental verification or refutation
    soft data
    the soft sciences
  5. out of condition; not strong or robust; incapable of exertion or endurance
    flaccid cheeks
    flabby around the middle
    he was too soft for the army
  6. (of a commodity or market or currency) falling or likely to fall in value
    the market for computers is soft
  7. soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe
    poked gentle fun at him
    a vein of gentle irony
    a gentle reprimand
  8. (of light) transmitted from a broad light source or reflected
  9. easily hurt
    soft hands
    a baby's delicate skin
  10. having little impact
    a gentle breeze
    an easy pat on the shoulder
    gentle rain
    a soft (or light) tapping at the window
  11. yielding readily to pressure or weight
  12. compassionate and kind; conciliatory
    he was soft on his children
  13. not protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons)
    soft targets
  14. (of sound) relatively low in volume
    soft voices
    soft music
  15. not brilliant or glaring
    soft pastel colors
    subdued lighting
    the moon cast soft shadows
  16. tolerant or lenient
    indulgent parents risk spoiling their children
    too soft on the children
    they are soft on crime
  17. willing to negotiate and compromise
  18. mild and pleasant
    the climate was mild and conducive to life or growth
    a soft breeze
    balmy days and nights
  19. (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward the hard palate; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')
  1. in a relaxed manner; or without hardship
    the judge went easy on the young defendant
    just wanted to take it easy
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How To Use soft In A Sentence

  • Unless contraindicated, prophylaxis with a gastrointestinal motility stimulant laxative and a stool softener is appropriate in terminally ill patients who are being given opioids.
  • The softer rock has been weathered away into soil.
  • Having drop-dead gorgeous, private, windowed offices makes it a lot easier to recruit the kinds of superstars that produce ten times as much as the merely brilliant software developers.
  • Brush the aubergines with oil, add salt and pepper, and bake till soft. Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a heavy pan.
  • Its route will pass mainly through soft rock and above deep-lying, brackish ground water.
  • It is a big sweep of soft, pale coral sand shelving gently into the Ionian sea. The Sun
  • The gnomes in the back room are putting the finishing touches to the new software.
  • There wasn't a puff of wind for most of an unseasonally cold day and the heavy overnight rain had softened both the fairways and greens to make them more receptive.
  • In the Zirgana mountains large red deer softly returned their gaze from an apprehensive distance.
  • In an attempt to thwart piracy of its music, the label equipped a collection of 52 album releases with a type of software known as a rootkit. iTnews Australia
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