How To Use Sinecure In A Sentence

  • Unlike his brothers, he was a freelance artist with no churchly sinecure to guarantee him income.
  • Another Dutchman asked him not to ruin his friend and his family for what he was well aware could never be called a sinecure place, and was so precarious in its tenure. Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon
  • It was Parliament that was the heart of the system of 'Old Corruption ', whereby the government doled out wellpaid sinecures and handouts to' placemen 'who could be relied on to vote the right way as and when required. Home | Mail Online
  • Near the bazaar is the post-office, a complete sinecure, as, except on the two days a week when the post comes and goes for Massowah, Jedda, or Three Months in the Soudan
  • And what do you call your nominal curateship," said his father, "is not that a sinecure too? Phoebe, Junior
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  • The only new hires that diversity initiatives generate are in college administrations, already overloaded with sinecures.
  • Examples abound of cosy sinecures being parcelled out to those who have served in constitutional posts.
  • We don't really need them - their ‘jobs’ are little more than sinecures.
  • But transforming teacher jobs from moderately paid union sinecures to highly paid professional positions sounds like a good first step.
  • The government of San Marino should be advised the Flea stands ready for any offers of citizenship or professorial sinecures.
  • A sinecure, she called it, disapproving because Rose hadn't raised Carmen's rent in about fifteen years. FLIGHT LESSONS
  • Always a charming courtier, Dudley had managed to obtain a sinecure as chamberlain to Grand Duchess Maria Maddalena, wife of Cosimo II.
  • Doctors, nurses and teachers in the productive public sector have had their pension rights compromised by the mushrooming of public sinecures.
  • Examples abound of cosy sinecures being parcelled out to those who have served in constitutional posts.
  • To bring in black supporters who are not pushed into sinecures is now its big challenge.
  • In Washington terms the ambassadorship is a minor sinecure. Doug Bandow: Redeeming the Obama Administration's Record on Religious Liberty
  • Yet it is not only those who are used to cosy bureaucratic sinecures who would rather gain political legitimacy from those ‘without a voice’ than take their chances with the voting public.
  • Because they do not want to acknowledge the squalor and the cronyism inherent in the devolution settlement, on which all their well-paid sinecures depend, is the answer.
  • Lyttleton, who had distinguished himself by the severity of his attacks upon the administration at the opening of this session, and who had been connected with Chatham and Temple, was called to the privy-council, and appointed to the sinecure office of chief-justice in eyre beyond The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. From George III. to Victoria
  • The rectory continued, usually as a sinecure, until it was impropriated in 1546 to Christ Church, Oxford, and soon afterwards to the secular lords of Sudbury manor.
  • In Germany, owing to the peculiar conditions of the Empire, though the office of burgrave had become a sinecure by the end of the 13th century, the title, as borne by feudal nobles having the status of princes of the Empire, obtained a quasi-royal significance. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"
  • Because access to resources depended upon being inside the state apparatus, patrons rewarded supporters with sinecures in the government and nationalized industries.
  • A sinecure, she called it, disapproving because Rose hadn't raised Carmen's rent in about fifteen years. FLIGHT LESSONS
  • Of course, most of us are dead anyway - killed by imploded livers, scorched lungs, caved-in septa, public relations salaries or academic sinecures.
  • The hated word sinecure did not seem to affect him from her lips as it would have done from any one else's. Phoebe, Junior
  • But the fact is, the public sector is also carrying many passengers, occupying sinecures in local and central government at the expense of their fellow citizens.
  • From 1780 to 1834 he held the lucrative sinecure of teller of the Exchequer.
  • Yeah, but at least Sullivan got elected to something even if its a minor town meeting based sinecure, that is way more than Kerry Healey could say prior to 2002. The Chimes at Midnight
  • All the world — meaning the ecclesiastical world as confined to the English church — knew that the wardenship of the Barchester Hospital was a snug sinecure, but no one had ever been blamed for accepting it. The Warden
  • When the claim Of a roan of distinguished merit arose, there was generally no vacancy of this kind; and when the vacancies occurred, the offices were in truth given away upon political or family considerations, without much re - gard to distinguished merit The word sinecure was a very unpopular word, and indeed so was the word pension, of which several no very favourable definitions had been given. The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two ...
  • Planning on enjoying a nice sinecure from the insurer by the time the patient dies. Matthew Yglesias » The Leader of the Pack
  • November 2nd, 2009 Virgin tycoon SIR RICHARD BRANSON has deserted his efforts to sinecure a heroic commander of a miraculous Hudson River craft pile-up for his intergalactic spaceship mission. Hero pilot Sullenberger jokes about marital boost in NBC 'People ...
  • One insider linked with the private security business said: ‘All these jobs are a nice sinecure for a cop.’
  • Political positions must not be treated as sinecures.
  • She tried to have him appointed to the postmastership, which, since all the work was done by assistants, was the one sinecure in town, the one reward for political purity. Main Street
  • And starts a string of "sinecure" jobs with the Dailey machine, then the U of Chicago as a "Diversity Queen" with flexible hours... "She shows women that it's OK to have dark skin and to not have a son. She's quite real to us."
  • In a vacuum or at the state level they are vulnerable to the self-satisfied: cruisers, well-funded sinecures, bloviators, experts without portfolios or the simply ineffective.
  • It's what they call a sinecure, "Alan was saying at the very instant the summons came. Brand Blotters
  • She found him an exalted sinecure as a Fellow of the Library of Congress.
  • A governorship was a lucrative and prestigious position, but it was not a sinecure.
  • If this were the correct derivation, we should expect to find _sinecere_, for the _e_ would scarcely be dropped; just as we have the English word _sinecure_, which is the only compound of the preposition _sine_ I know; and is itself _not a Latin word_, but of a later coinage. Notes and Queries, Number 208, October 22, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc
  • I find it very amusing that the right wing ‘intellectuals,’ from their ivory tower think tanks and millionaire supported sinecures at political magazines, have still failed to recognize that.
  • Unlike the Parliament, the Commission is not elected, but appointed by the member-states, and is frequently used as a sinecure for retired or has-been politicians.
  • British governments have an appalling record of underestimating the cost of new technology: it always escalates once people realise there are nice safe sinecures to be had.
  • She found him an exalted sinecure as a Fellow of the Library of Congress.
  • You had to be ‘an exceptionally good judge’ - otherwise known as a person with an intense desire to hang on to a sinecure - in order to appreciate them.
  • She found him an exalted sinecure as a Fellow of the Library of Congress.
  • He received various pensions, grants and sinecures from the crown, was a member of parliament for the borough of Warwick, and frequently served abroad.
  • Bribe me with a sinecure to forget how Sandra sat with a paintbrush in a coalsack of a room, till she fainted from exhaustion, and how she gave us her last food ... how I myself worked my brain and my heart out, to pull us all back from that jailhouse country and win a war to boot — No, don’t interrupt. The Earth Book of Stormgate
  • Because we draw our national leader from Parliament rather than electing him or her directly, Liberals and Tories are doffing their caps to Nick Clegg and David Cameron in the hope of office and sinecures, rather than scrutinising their policies, just as Labour MPs doffed theirs to Blair and Gordon Brown. We need electoral reform, not this Liberal fudge
  • The problem is, he is demonstrably no intellectual of any great ability (his record attests to that), he is ill-disciplined and looks to the academic sector for a comfortable sinecure.
  • Since you can't fire the current manager, ease him out by finding a cushy, better paying sinecure elsewhere.

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