[ UK /sˈɪmpə‍ltən/ ]
  1. a person lacking intelligence or common sense
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How To Use simpleton In A Sentence

  • If you were a competent analyst and were told that by a company, would you (a) crawl into a hole in embarrassment at being a simpleton and give the company you couldn't understand a glowing rating; or (b) downgrade the company? Malcolm Gladwell on Enron, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • misinform", but to grant the Platform these "Powers of Misinformation", you have to assume that everyone using it is a simpleton just waiting to be tricked by the next conspiracy theorist that creates a Twitter account. O'Reilly News
  • I am a bedlamite, you are a simpleton. So, we want attach.
  • Powers's Greek Slave, Hobbs's unpickable lock, Hoe's wonderful printing presses, and Bond's more wonderful spring governor, --- it began to be suspected that Brother Jonathan was not quite so much of a simpleton as had been thought. Great Fortunes, and How They Were Made
  • Waverley expressed his surprise that his friend Davie was capable of such trust; but the Baron gave him to understand that this poor simpleton was neither fatuous, nec naturaliter idiota, as is expressed in the brieves of furiosity, but simply a crack-brained knave, who could execute very well any commission which jumped with his own humour, and made his folly Waverley
  • One of the oldest and simplest tricks in the book, dapping is now dismissed as a technique for children and simpletons. 10 Tactics for Catching More Trout on Flies
  • What am I, a simpleton when it comes to golf (among other things), supposed to believe?
  • He is a simpleton and he loves a game of dice.
  • Is God a fool, a simpleton who can be fobbed off with an empty formula of words?
  • In short, they very unceremoniously treat the Parisians who believe in Gargantua as ignorant simpletons and superstitious idiots, with whom are intermixed a few hypocrites, who pretend to believe in Gargantua, in order to obtain some convenient priorship in the abbey of Thélême. A Philosophical Dictionary
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