How To Use Silver-haired In A Sentence

  • The dapper, silver-haired Frenchman had a celebrity status akin to a rock star among followers the world over.
  • Her suspicions are well founded as the silver-haired lothario is currently carrying on an affair with their maid.
  • At a speaking engagement later that winter, a silver-haired, courtly gentleman approached us with a big smile.
  • The 62-year-old, silver-haired Strauss-Kahn said nothing as a lawyer professed his innocence and strove in vain to get him released on bail. IMF chief jailed without bail in NY hotel-sex case
  • The silver-haired Virginian with courtly manners is a throwback to a forgotten era of congressional comity.
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  • She was positively skittish with the silver-haired charmer.
  • Watching them, Anna noted that Bettina was gazing up at him with the look she usually reserved for silver-haired professors. DREAMS OF INNOCENCE
  • The audience of silver-haired vets from wars in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II exploded into applause.
  • Diana Rigg's excellent Mrs Venable is a silver-haired solitary cocooned in a romantic dream about her son.
  • Ads that show silver-haired couples strolling into the sunset do not represent the typical retirement, she says. Baby boomers turn 65 with retirement prospects uncertain
  • But sitting among them was the silver-haired man himself. End of Time
  • A long, lean, silver-haired, fresh-complexioned academic, the Bishop was a shy man with whom conversation was a difficult exercise. GOODBYE CURATE
  • Those who arrived in that historic election aren't ready to dub the silver-tongued, silver-haired Georgian the answer to Mitt Romney just yet. The Full Feed from
  • Tributes to the silver-haired cleric who symbolised dialogue across the Christian world poured in to the tranquil Taize Community in a Burgundy village north of Lyon.
  • But before anyone replied, footsteps were heard climbing the stairs, and Lady Truden—the tall, dour, silver-haired woman who ran the household of the Aerie—appeared. End of Time
  • Silver-haired and silver-tongued, Dr Sanders was talking to her in soft, encouraging tones. THE MAIN CAGES
  • A pretty silver-haired lady came out of the bookstore.
  • Driven by the powerful grey consumer, modelling agencies with elderly mannequins are proliferating, and supermodels are making way for silver-haired ones as the advertising industry becomes attuned to the aging reality.
  • The floating condo complex for the silver-haired jet set rents out apartments ranging in price from a stupefying $2,100 to $7,200 (U.S.) per day.
  • He indicated his partner, a paunchy, silver-haired Asian, who was adding a second loop of barrier tape to keep out the curious, then indicated the equestrienne, We found Mrs. Rosenfield right about where she is now. Terrific Tuesday with P.A. Brown:)
  • Starting with Ellis-MacLeod, a silver-haired symphony veteran, they lead the orchestra in a fascinating display of stylistic diversity.
  • Sports such as skiing, sailing, running and mountaineering have become hugely popular among the silver-haired adrenaline junkies.
  • The silver-haired Louis Nagan, token old queen, completed his outfit with a fabulous foulard and oversized heart-shaped brooch.
  • She stood fidgeting from foot to foot as the silver-haired little woman grumbled about the clumsiness of the girl.
  • Bridget was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk when the silver-haired old man called out to her in his sweet but scratchy, strangely dusty voice.
  • He was impressively tall, cadaverously thin, yet upright and youthful-looking for his age, clean shaven and silver-haired, with high, prominent cheekbones and a large aquiline nose. Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile
  • A silver-haired man, older than most in the crowd, burst out of the line to confront him.
  • For the silver-haired generation, rising employment is not entirely by choice.
  • The next London train is 20 minutes off, but there's no sign of his tall, silver-haired figure on Platform 3.
  • Back in 1978 Michael Bennett conceived a Broadway musical called Ballroom, in which silver-haired dancers looked back at their younger selves.
  • Immediately the silver-haired apprentice flowed into an uppercut, flooring his opponent.
  • About half the crowd were silver-haired, sitting politely in rows, nodding at the testimonials being offered from the podium covering the vast breadth of Rankin's career.
  • About half the crowd were silver-haired, sitting politely in rows, nodding at the testimonials being offered from the podium covering the vast breadth of Rankin's career.
  • Michael Moretti's attorney was a tall, silver-haired man in his fifties, the consigliere for the Syndicate, and one of the shrewdest criminal lawyers in the country.
  • Hap saw the tall, silver-haired man step up from the boat. End of Time
  • Gary, a sturdy, silver-haired dairy farmer with 32 pairs of Angus-sired cattle of his own back home, fit the bill. Bovine Intervention
  • Our docent was a wonderfully tiny silver-haired lady aged perfectly with a librarian's wisdom who told us great antic dotes of the building. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • Leading her in was a silver-haired, high-nosed and very tall man. THE GOLDEN LION
  • After the trial ended, U.S. Marshals began hauling silver-haired Jimmy Fratianno around the country to testify in major mob cases. Kill the Irishman
  • The grannies ranged from youthful 47 - year-old motorcycling redheads to unsteady 87 - year-old silver-haired ladies.
  • It's the kind of place where you'd expect to find a silver-haired patrician gliding across the floor in deck shoes dictating a letter to the Moroccan ambassador.
  • The silver-haired Virginian with courtly manners is a throwback to a forgotten era of congressional comity.
  • Just then, a silver-haired man with dancing eyes enters the pub and he and Martyn are soon engrossed in conversation about one of his other big loves, fishing.
  • A pool of silver-haired jobbers would, he said, help to dampen the rise in the value of quotations because of demand outstripping supply.
  • She arrived at the party, with a tall, silver-haired man in tow.
  • He, who is 65 himself, is calling on silver-haired plumbers, electricians, joiners, plasterers and bricklayers in York and North Yorkshire to come to the rescue of the ‘jobbing drought’.
  • The silver-haired operations officer counted down from five. Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire
  • Maguire, silver-haired but with a youthful face, looks surprisingly well put together for a man who scrimps on his clothing budget.
  • He was a tall, silver-haired, honey-voiced criminal lawyer who drove a Mercedes, lived in a big house in a horsy Nairobi suburb, and sent his children abroad to college.
  • One seemed to be in charge: a lanky, silver-haired man with thick eyebrows and a prominent nose. End of Time

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