How To Use Significative In A Sentence

  • Its setting, the courtroom, is a significative and instantly recognizable space, and it relies on a set of props that have been hallowed by centuries of reverential use.
  • Here we encounter the third and final function of symbolic meaning, the significative function, which is exhibited most clearly, according to Cassirer, in the ‘pure category of relation.’
  • Possibly the most significative feature of these models is the very basic importance of dissymmetries.
  • In any case, it would not be just generical "offspring" but specifically male offspring the ones who would have the relative advantage and also this advantage would require some significative ammount of Rh- women in the population in any case. Neanderthal DNA
  • The artist encircles this cross with a line to mark it off as significative.
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  • It is significative for economic development of China to apply the innovative financial instrument. At the same time, the risk will happen gonging with the finical innovation.
  • More practically, considering DOS shell of laser as non-perfect one, or supposing that DOS shell is separated from the laser, we can obtain more significative results.
  • Chlebnikov was an assiduous worker of verbal materials, a relentless excavator in the vocabulary: the sound of a root induced him to imagine in it a significative potential that the common language had not developed.
  • Yesterday is western Valentine's Day, a good many young lovers selects in this special day to dedicate haematoporphyrin with the no consideration this significative mode expression love.
  • But in course of time these words have lost their force -- their meaning has been forgotten -- and they have come to be mere proper names, designative but not significative. History of Phoenicia
  • Since the primary purpose of the script was not to record human speech but to serve as a device for recording economic data, the significative potential of the oldest cuneiform system was rather limited.

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