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[ UK /sɪɡnˈɪfɪkənt/ ]
[ US /səɡˈnɪfɪkənt, sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt/ ]
  1. rich in significance or implication
    a meaning look
    a significant silence
  2. too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and therefore indicating a systematic relation
    the interaction effect is significant at the .01 level
    no significant difference was found
  3. important in effect or meaning
    a significant change in tax laws
    significant details
    statistically significant
    a significant change in the Constitution
    a significant contribution
  4. of considerable importance, size, or worth
    won by a substantial margin
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How To Use significant In A Sentence

  • The composition of displaced terranes ranges from that of typical oceanic crust to significantly less dense granitic rock with clear continental affinities.
  • The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated in China, and the one with the longest history. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of dragons. Competing teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat racing to reach the finish end first.
  • This regime should have been more than adequate to demonstrate any significant short-term effects of reduced sleep.
  • The services of the laboratory are offered gratuitously to any scientist or graduate student engaged in research which makes a significant contribution to progress in the fields of science.
  • Some animals may consume insignificant amounts of the primary production.
  • The space left by evaporation is called the ullage, while the liquid lost is sometimes called the ‘angels' share’ and is particularly financially significant in the production of older cognac and Armagnac.
  • In addition, experimental flowers that matured a fruit (and therefore received a visit) had significantly larger corollas compared with corollas of flowers that did not initiate a fruit.
  • Eventually almost all postwar writers whose work departs significantly from convention have come to be labeled "postmodernist," a term that has definable meaning but that also has been used as an aid in this lashing-out, a way to further disparage such writers both by lumping them together indiscriminately and by identifying their work as just another participant in literary fashion. Postmodernism
  • In both cases, significant constituencies had been left to rot, unattended, and they'd had enough.
  • The answer would be significantly different to the one given in response to the Department's loaded question.
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