How To Use Signally In A Sentence

  • While dealers in "shabby chic" vintage furniture are quids in, and the internet trade in original Danish modernist furniture is booming on auction sites such as eBay, Habitat has signally failed to establish itself as the home of good contemporary design. A new era for Habitat … 'How can we trade with three shops?'
  • In Montgomery he suffered many regrets, not because of his treatment there, but because he felt it was indecent for him to live on his pension and stock from American Petroleum when he had failed them so signally: 'They hired me to help them maintain good relations with the Mexican government, and I had to sit by in impotence when CArdenas stole our entire operation and hundreds of yean of oil reserves. Mexico
  • No circumstances of the Norman Conquest more forcibly illustrate the humiliation of the conquered people, than the measures by which the invaders imposed their language on the public courts of the country, and endeavored to make it permanently usurp the place of the mother-tongue of the despised multitude; and no fact more signally displays our conservative temper than the general reluctance of English society to relinquish the use of the French words and phrases which still tincture the language of parliament, and the procedures of Westminster Hall, recalling to our minds the insolent domination of a few powerful families who occupied our country by force, and ruled our forefathers with vigorous injustice. A Book About Lawyers
  • But he signally failed to sort out rates of migration to these islands, which have peaked after being consistently low for a quarter-century.
  • Taking the lead as the field straightened for home, Pegasus charged down the middle of the stretch with his ears pricked, signally he still had plenty left.
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  • The council is signally failing to keep the streets clean.
  • You have signally failed to do what was expected of you.
  • The touchstone is this Rolling Stone postmortem of the battle over Caliornia’s Proposition 8, which concludes that the anti-gay amendment could have been defeated, but for a signally inept campaign waged by its opponents. But Dude, They’re WRONG
  • signally inappropriate methods
  • Spirit, was that of justification by the works of the law or by the faith of Christ; they very well knew that it was not the former, but the latter; and therefore must needs be inexcusable in forsaking a doctrine which had been so signally owned and attested, and exchanging it for one that had received no such attestations. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)
  • The council is signally failing to keep the streets clean.
  • The current station is far from perfect, but at least it has character, which this bland, uninspired new design signally fails to achieve.
  • The Pierides were signally defeated, and were transformed by the Muses into singing birds, as Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • It's made me think hard about the moments where my own leadership has been signally lacking.
  • Scotland contrived to manage what eight different nations had failed signally to do in Cardiff yesterday - they lost to Wales.
  • Demographic pressures were signally important in producing change in the educational system.
  • The Merovingians had signally failed to rule other peoples, or even themselves, and it was this system that Charles had inherited.
  • In the clear light of this crisp afternoon, the city failed signally to look sinister. THE CURSE OF CHALION
  • a term that is used signally rather than symbolically
  • We have a common ancestor that evolved intercellular signalling (for e.g. colonialism, mating), a function which was expanded in certain lineages, (esp. metazoans that used those signally functions to coordinate across specialized tissues). Biomolecular Networks
  • The esteem, general self-efficiency, life events stress are signally correlated with well-being, they all entered regression equation.
  • What is it that the fourth increase in interest rates is likely to achieve where the previous three have so signally failed?
  • It will form here-after a pleasing incident in the annals of our Union, giving to real history the intense interest of romance and signally marking the unpurchasable tribute of a great nation's social affections to the disinterested champion of the liberties of human-kind. State of the Union Address (1790-2001)
  • By 1932 the gold standard had strayed so far from purity, so far from what it could and should have been, that its weakness contributed signally to its final breakdown in 1933.
  • A sinner so signally lov'd, -- and hearing my Mother, her eyes brimming with tears and her alabastrine fingers tightly locked together, murmur in unconscious repetition: Father and Son: a study of two temperaments

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