1. point out carefully and clearly
  2. communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs
    The diner signaled the waiters to bring the menu
    He signed his disapproval with a dismissive hand gesture
  3. make conspicuous or noteworthy
  4. provide with traffic signals
    signalize a busy intersection
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How To Use signalise In A Sentence

  • It could have been put there to signalize (for this is quite early in Fellowship, when the hobbits are still in the Shire) that this part of the Red Book was written by Bilbo, a less truthful and more florid narrator than Frodo. Death carries a camcorder
  • Fox holds a potlatch to signalize his marriage to Lit-Lit and she, "tearfully shy and frightened, is bedecked by her husband with a new calico dress, splendidly beaded mocassins, a gorgeous silk handkerchief over her raven hair, a purple scarf about her throat, brass earrings and finger-rings, and a whole pint of pinchbeck jewelry, including a Waterbury watch. “I, in the course of making my living by turning journalism into literature. . .”
  • The preferred solution is to create a signalised junction with an improved left turn for traffic entering the A659 from the A162.
  • For him the “function of news is to signalize an event, the function of truth is to bring to light the hidden facts, to set them in relation with each other, and make a picture of reality on which men can act.” Pigs fly, and the Times chides Obama on the oil spill
  • She invokes the night and the moon, beneath whose rays these preparations are carried on, now, while the wild beasts lie asleep in the forests, and while the dogs alone bay the superanuated letcher, who relies singly on the rich scents with which he is perfumed for success, to speed her incantations, and signalise their power beneath the roof of him whose love she seeks. Lives of the Necromancers
  • Considered as predisposing causes, hereditary influences play an important rôle and may, owing to faulty conformation, subject an animal to affections of this kind because of disproportionate development of parts (weak and small joints and heavy muscular hips); or as a consequence of inherited traits, a subject may manifest susceptibility to degenerative bone changes which are signalized by the formation of exostoses of different parts on one or more of the legs. Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1
  • In the Central Broadway corridor Main to Arbutus, ALL 23 cross streets are signalized. Olympic Line (short) closure notice « Stephen Rees's blog
  • But his fellows were afraid to box with him, and he signalized his last wrestling bout by sinking his teeth into the shoulder of his opponent. When the World Was Young
  • But the thing which in eminent instances signalizes so exceptional a nature is this: though the man's even temper and discreet bearing would seem to intimate a mind peculiarly subject to the law of reason, not the less in his heart he would seem to riot in complete exemption from that law, having apparently little to do with reason further than to employ it as an ambidexter implement for effecting the irrational. Billy Budd
  • The proseucha signalized by the devotions of Christ was on a mountain. Female Scripture Biographies, Volume II
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