How To Use Sidesman In A Sentence

  • At the font he shook off the assistance of the sidesman and meandered down the aisle. THE MAIN CAGES
  • He was a sidesman there for more than 40 years, welcoming people into the church.
  • When he began to make money, he went over to the Church and took the plate round at collecting time, and got to be a sidesman, and a trustee, and I don't know what all. VC — A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea
  • 'You're a sidesman and a trustee, and the Lord alone knows what all. VC — A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea
  • He was a member of St Mary's Parochial Church Council, was a sidesman and often read the lessons - and the church benefited from his passion for growing sweet peas.
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  • In the entrance, Miss Campanula had posted Sergeant Roper, of the Chipping Constabularly, and sidesman of St. Giles. Overture to Death
  • As we rose from our knees one Sunday a sidesman said, ` Vicar, I wish you would pray for my boy. The Kneeling Christian
  • When he began to spend his weekends in Suffolk, he was regular in his attendance at St Edmunds in Southwold, served as a sidesman and took part in the Parochial Church Council.
  • The sidesman gave him a prayer book and a hymn book, and he chose a seat towards the back, because the order of the service was still strange to him and from there he could see when other people knelt, and when they stood. On The Beach
  • People spoke, when they spoke at all, in whispers, and John was so infected by the air of solemnity that when a small boy in the gallery began to call out "Acid drops or cigarettes!" he felt that a sidesman must appear from a pew and take the lad to the police-station for brawling in a sacred edifice. The Foolish Lovers
  • Evensong was half over when the preacher arrived, and the church being full Mark was given a chair by the sidesman in a dark corner, which presently became darker when Father Rowley went up into the pulpit, for all the lights were lowered except those above the preacher's head, and nothing was visible in the church except the luminous crucifix upon the High Altar. The Altar Steps
  • A sidesman, with an air of portentous gravity, as one who, in opening doors, performed an office more on behalf of the Deity than the worshippers, was usually at hand to usher the party in. Simon Called Peter
  • He was also postmaster at Worsley for 30 years and a sidesman at St Mark's Church for 35 years.
  • He managed to elude the solicitations of a sidesman and slip into a seat facing the aisle in the back row where he sat with his long hands clasped round his knee. Overture to Death

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