How To Use Side arm In A Sentence

  • Outside armies have toppled Afghanistan's government and installed a new one, but it controls only its broken-down capital and very little of the vast country beyond.
  • Cataldise, wearing a nightrobe, sat on a footstool in front of her favorite fireside armchair. Conqueror's Moon
  • As the autumn evenings draw in, a cosy fireside armchair beckons!
  • But the logistics of carrying bees inside army vehicles moving around Afghanistan have proved unworkable. Times, Sunday Times
  • Bradford arrived in Seattle on Saturday morning after the Rays acquired the side arm-throwing reliever from the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday for a player to be named.
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  • Side arm, from the posterior axillary line rib arch backward touching below the 12th rib ...
  • An advanced skater only uses a side-to-side arm swing for short sprints at a race starting line or for steep uphills.
  • Luin was clad in battle armor, with a breastplate, greaves, bracers and side armor - his arms were bare.
  • A chromoly rod pinch bolt on the non-driveside arm grips the 46 splines of the tubular axle.
  • All the men were dressed in fatigues, and carried side arms and carried a number of rounds for the side arms as well as the rifles that they carried.
  • Each of the strong men is licensed to carry a loaded side arm and they do at all times.
  • Jacobz in command of our pinnace manned with 4 musketeers and 6 rowers, all of them furnished with pikes and side arms together with the cockboat of the _Zeehaen_, with one of her second mates and six musketeers in it, to a bay situated N.W. of us at upwards of a mile's distance in order to ascertain what facilities (as regards fresh water, refreshments, timber and the like) may be available there. A Source Book of Australian History
  • And another plaintive dawn bugle reveille, executed off-key but with authoritarian certainty, all but muffled by the pounding marching drums from the cliff-side army barracks overlooking the beach. Hidden time revisited - Puerto Escondido

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