How To Use Sickish In A Sentence

  • It was thick with pulverized coffee grounds, it was sickishly sweet, and it was strong and black enough to please the blackest Egyptian who ever desired that brand. Patty Blossom
  • eights," owing to their containing nine passengers; that the ninth is called the "cock," and is a mere supernumerary or understudent, in case any member of the crew should be overcome by sickishness during the contest and desire to discontinue. Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.
  • My sore hands shake, a hot, sickish dread rises inside my chest.
  • I have a sickish sense of humor but I think this is time to plan my happy cake. Et Tu, O-Town?
  • I have to now face the fact that I, who am rarely sick, have been sickish for a week now, mostly with coughing phlegmy runny nose-and-eyes ick.
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  • As Roy Dillon stumbled out of the shop his face was sickish green, and each breath he drew was an incredible agony. Point of View in Fiction
  • He answered me warmly that he entirely joined issue with me in such an opinion, and that he was often affected to sickishness by the snobbery of mundane society, adding that he hoped I would give him the look up at his paternal mansion in Prince's Square, Bayswater, shortly, since his people would be overjoyed at making my acquaintance, which both enraptured and surprised me, for hitherto he had ridden the high and rough-shoed horse, and employed me to suck my brains as a cat's foot. Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.
  • What was stranger yet was that he could not feel that there was anything wrong or foolish about it; he thought of his mother's severity about young folks 'sickishness, as she called it, and he could not understand it. The Minister's Charge
  • I have to now face the fact that I, who am rarely sick, have been sickish for a week now, mostly with coughing phlegmy runny nose-and-eyes ick.
  • Rising gradually to her feet, those sickish green eyes met the Captain's level, immediately locking on to those specks of electric blue.
  • And now she was lying in bed with a sickish stomach. New Girl in Town
  • I must have felt the whole thing as something for one's developed senses to live up to and make light of, and have been rather ashamed of my own for just a little sickishly staggering under it. A Small Boy and Others
  • Her heart was dropping, dropping sickishly, into unending space. The Palace of Darkened Windows
  • A sickish-sweet odor drifted down and across Kharl, a scent compounded of something burning, perhaps incense, with something stronger. Wellspring of Chaos
  • And as I spoke of his longing I turned my eyes away from her, because she was sitting on a sofa, upholstered in velveteen of a sickish green, The Return of the Soldier
  • The voice was wheedling, half chanting, with a sickish thrill in it. DOLL'S EYES
  • The man 's crazy," he muttered sickishly, rising. The Day of Days An Extravaganza
  • I'm not having an agreeable moment with all the ick and sickishness that is floating about the neighborhood. Archive 2008-02-01
  • A sickishness came over my heart -- I know not how to describe it. The History of Sir Charles Grandison, Volume 4 (of 7)
  • I'm still feeling sickish but it's moved up to my ears. Archive 2008-02-01
  • Then he saw Dr. William Holden looking greenish and ill and trying sickishly to answer questions from West and Operation: Outer Space
  • Len, who's about the size of a freight car, smiles kind of sickish at this, and says he hopes there's no hard feelings among old friends and lodge brothers; and Egbert says, Oh, no! It would just be in the nature of a friendly contest, which he feels very much like having one, since he can be pushed just so far; but Cora says gambling has brutalized him. Somewhere in Red Gap
  • Because of ionization, the choking air filled with a sickish sweet ‘electric smell.’
  • Adams recoiled from the “oily, sickish, slightly fetid odor” he smelled everywhere, and throughout his trip would complain that Japanese women were like cheap dolls—wooden, jerky, mechanical. The Five of Hearts
  • All I can aver is that, if I am not to be permitted to draw the glittering sword of my tongue from the scabbard of my mouth, I shall infallibly, in sheer sickishness at such short-sighted folly, throw up my brief! Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.
  • There was an odor of something sickishly sweet in the air for a moment, as the handkerchief was pressed to the boy's nostrils. The Grammar School Boys of Gridley or, Dick & Co. Start Things Moving
  • Liberty suddenly felt the sickishness leave her stomach. Liberty Porter First Daughter
  • They had a parting that Lemuel's mother would have called sickish without question; but it all seemed heavenly sweet and right. The Minister's Charge
  • The pain is so bad that I gag, a sickish feeling in my sinuses.

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