How To Use Shut-in In A Sentence

  • The Englishman had a shut-in feeling, as though the buildings were closing in on him. COVER STORY
  • You don't know how uncomfortable it is to be a shut-in unless you have been one before.
  • Viewers are jokingly referred to as pasty shut-ins, lampooning assumptions about the audience for online video. BikiniZero Takes Net News to ‘Natural’ End
  • After a few miles he knew he was near the shut-in valley (which we call El Cajon) and he remembered that there were Indians there who might know him. The Penance of Magdalena & Other Tales of the California Missions
  • I think he also said, "Let out the sails!" but about the time that I figured out that they weren't really feeling particularly shut-in, we ran into the breakwall around the harbour. Me, on a Boat
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  • I do not believe he thinks critics are as valuable as people who inspire quadriplegic shut-ins to have full lives. Mostly because they are not.
  • I do not believe he thinks critics are as valuable as people who inspire quadriplegic shut-ins to have full lives.
  • Enter shut-in Welton, a plague infected "dragger" who lives (barely) in the basement as a cog in that mysterious wheel. REVIEW: Ball Peen Hammer by Adam Rapp & George O'Connor
  • After spending a long, hard winter as a gym rat shut-in, you're probably hot to trot outdoors.
  • What with water problems indoors and the horrid wet weather outdoors, it's been a shut-in day once more.
  • He worked as a volunteer, delivering hot meals to shut-ins.
  • No one was here at the moment, but Amy was on her way, bringing supplies to the shut-in. ABSOLUTE ZERO
  • Even so, email prayer partnerships established between youth confirmands and older shut-ins bring generations closer together.
  • A mischievous comic tone is also set right away, so that by the time we meet eccentric shut-in heiress Penelope Stamp (a luminous Rachel Weisz), it fits right in. The long con of “The Brothers Bloom” » Scene-Stealers
  • When he thought of the great Mongibello that he never would see, and of Donna Elisa, who would never come again, and of the school, and of the shut-in cloister garden, and of a whole restricted life! The Miracles of Antichrist: A Novel
  • The press was an elderly oddity: a fat, shut-in houseguest who consumed two rooms, accompanied by floor-to-ceiling cabinets of paper and type trays. Boing Boing: December 7, 2003 - December 13, 2003 Archives

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