[ US /ˈʃəks/ ]
[ UK /ʃˈʌks/ ]
  1. something of little value
    his promise is not worth a damn
    not worth one red cent
    not worth shucks
  2. an expression of disappointment or irritation
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How To Use shucks In A Sentence

  • It skips along, at times precarious (dead end, sad sack lives, physical and emotional abuse, and world domination by a vampire plant), at times joyous (an aw-shucks love story, a rags-to-riches business success, and a fantastic sense of place, established by a song that states its preference for downtown to uptown). James Scarborough: Little Shop of Horrors, STAGEStheatre, Fullerton
  • She eyed it furtively, then sniffed it suspiciously, but finally discovered that it bore some relation to her native "shucks," when she fell to eagerly. Birds and Poets : with Other Papers
  • Oh, shucks, and here I was thinking that was you.
  • Swaying her hips behind an oversized guitar, she was delightful with her aw-shucks talent.
  • Moni-chan smiled and shrugged in a way that said ‘aw, shucks.’
  • In allusion to those remarkable feats of arms and -- legs -- Early's or Stuart's raids and Jackson's forced rapid marches, almost at horse-speed, when the men carried no rations, but ate corn-ears taken from the shucks and roasted them "at their pipes," the droll ruler would bring in that "mewl" again: The Lincoln Story Book
  • Shucks!" cried Absalom, unfilially; "ye'd aheap better be a-studyin ' His "Day In Court" 1895
  • With a gigantic career based upon an aw-shucks tone of blue collar tales of midwestern values, couldn't one little fling many years ago get absolved after a teary apology?
  • They are also the friendliest and most unabashedly contrite with ‘Aww, shucks!’
  • On the northern belt, shucks are the outer covering of nuts; in the middle and southern regions the word is applied to what in New England is called the husks of the corn. The Hoosier Schoolmaster
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