[ US /ˈʃɹɪvəɫ/ ]
[ UK /ʃɹˈɪvə‍l/ ]
  1. decrease in size, range, or extent
    My courage shrivelled when I saw the task before me
    His earnings shrank
  2. wither, as with a loss of moisture
    The fruit dried and shriveled
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How To Use shrivel In A Sentence

  • When alive, the spiders kept on the gaster-only diet initially grew but then shriveled, while those eating the head, legs and thoraces thrived, with some tripling their weight. Why Spiders Always Devour Ants Head First | Impact Lab
  • The crunch leaves of autumn had shrivelled and the sun was a lazy, dusky peach colour.
  • This ought to have been fine - if Phaethon had not been like a rock-star's child with a new red Ferrari, scorching off the track, shrivelling crops, turning forest to desert, doubtless melting ice-caps if the Greeks had known about ice-caps, and only stopping when Zeus called a halt with a well-aimed world-saving thunderbolt. Peter Stothard - Times Online - WBLG:
  • And behold, he shrivelled and withered under their eyes, and became a small handful of grey dust and glass powder.
  • It spends most of its life buried deep in the soil in a shriveled, torpid state.
  • Parlez-vous français, mesdemoiselles!" cried madame, and we filed out into the dusty street, at the corner of which sat another of our visible tokens of the coming of the season of flowers; a dirty, shriveled old Irishwoman, full of benedictions and beggary, who, all through the summer, sold "posies" to the passers-by. Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls
  • When her remaining lung shrivels in its cage, and her guts collapse; when myoelectric demons flood her sinuses and middle ears with isotonic saline. Starfish
  • Like a tiny seed, the strength of his convictions slowly began to shrivel. SEA MUSIC
  • Turns out she took a little time off to graduate cum laude from FRIGGIN' HARVARD (can you hear that...that's my self-esteem shriveling up and dying) and now she's back at it, appearing in a plethora (Harvard word) of TV and movie gigs. YesButNoButYes: YBNBY Hall of Fame: Babes of the 80's
  • Developers and equipment manufacturers, among others, would have no leverage on price, would see their markets shrink and their profits shrivel. Art Brodsky: Labor Leader's Lament: 'Where Are the Jobs' AT&T Promised?
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