How To Use Shrink-wrap In A Sentence

  • Remember those fork-lift pallets of shrink-wrapped hundred dollar bills that were "lost" during the Bush/Iraq War? Don C. Reed: Protect the House! Don't Let GOP Bullying Win!
  • Instead, he or she may simply want to install the software much like a traditional "shrink-wrapped" application: insert media, run setup, answer a few prompts, and go.
  • She watched as three more workers lent a hand and got the grand piano off of the platform dolly and removed the layers of bubble wrap and shrink-wrap.
  • I'm loading a pallet onto the shrink-wrapping machine and the radio news catches my ear.
  • Rather, a brick of five or seven cartridges are collectively shrink-wrapped together.
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  • Under the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act, which is now languishing in the House, the Senate passed a version which only included a measly six cents more for school lunches, which are already shrink-wrapped concoctions of highly processed fat - and sugar-laden meals. Sarah Newman: Dinner in the Desert
  • Last year when Mount Redoubt erupted again in Alaska, the airline couldn't get its aircraft out of Anchorage early enough and ended up canceling flights and shrink-wrapping planes to keep ash from contaminating instruments and engines. How One Airline Skirts the Ash Clouds
  • The Bush Administration airlifted 25 metric tons of shrink-wrapped centrifuges, uranium and sensitive documentation to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, staging a dramatic press conference with commandos guarding the loot as if it contained actual nuclear weapons. Michael Bronner: Civil War (Hold the Mustard...)
  • Picasso, one of the most political of artists, has been neutered, shrink-wrapped, comodified and de-contextualized. Michael Berkowitz: The Shame of the Galleries: Stained Stein, Purloined Picasso
  • He noticed conveyor belts with shrink-wrapping machines and off on the other side of the beat-up warehouse, transparent pneumatic doors leading into a pristine clean room with racks of video-duplicating equipment. State of the Union
  • Univel is to shrink-wrap the desktop Unix contender and integrate it with Novell's NetWare networking technology.
  • A shrink-wrapped version of Windows 95 on floppy, is included with the laptop. Boing Boing: September 29, 2002 - October 5, 2002 Archives
  • Small firms typically buy basic clerical and accounting software in shrink-wrap boxes and run them on a company computer. Software-as-a-service gives small business powerful tools
  • Each was encased in a transparent but color-coded plastic shrink-wrap. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
  • While the mandrel is rotating, a layer of shrink-wrap tape is applied to the outside of the composite material.
  • Pepsi said it is also shrink-wrapping its 24-pack of half-liter Aquafina bottles in pallets with no cardboard base pad, cutting 20 million pounds of corrugated cardboard by next year. Pepsi to Pare Plastic for Bottled Water
  • When assembled at the port, the main load included 175 military containers (at an average weight of 25,000 pounds each); thirty-eight shrink-wrapped helicopters (with detached rotors); a handful of extra trucks, trailers, and Humvees; and an additional 305 miscellaneous items too big to containerize. Peace is Hell
  • Article VI is a way of constitutionally shrink-wrapping the government. Balkinization
  • The magazines came to me in shrink-wrap, my name shining out in glossy black or blue or pink. The Mother Garden
  • Flags are bits of coloured cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.
  • Now, I'm very soft-hearted and happen to know that my meat appears by special act of creation divinely shrink-wrapped on Tesco shelves.
  • She reached in and took them out and worked away at the shrink-wrapping plastic with her nails until she could free them. DEATH AND TRANSFIGURATION
  • I took the liberty of slitting the shrink-wrapping and sampled the notebooks. Gerald Sindell: A Book Worth: How Much Will You Pay For One That Will Change Your Life?
  • Chicken trucked in before dawn to Hays Market by farmers from the countryside—birds that tasted more like bluegrass and wild chicory and wet earth, more like chicken, than the shrink-wrapped little cadavers from Perdue. Day of Honey
  • Worse, HPV is passed through skin-to-skin contact, and defies all known means of sexual shrink-wrapping. Think Progress » Knowledge is Power
  • I have had a shrink-wrapped haggis in my fridge for at least a year.
  • We couldn't even take a reporter's notebook inside: Instead, Applied's staff gave us a shrink-wrapped, specially sanitized clean-room notebook and clean-room pen to use.
  • After college, Karpyk discovered he enjoyed working with kids and had a knack for distilling chemistry concepts from activities such as shrink-wrapping students and exploding soap bubbles. - All wrapped up in knowledge
  • Now, I'm very soft-hearted and happen to know that my meat appears by special act of creation divinely shrink-wrapped on Tesco shelves.
  • It already recycles plastic shrink-wrap into shopping bags, and 550 own-brands products are packed in recycled cardboard.
  • One threat, as yet untested in the courts, comes from shrink-wrap licenses that explicitly prohibit anyone who opens or uses the software from reverse-engineering it, she says.
  • If you have hundreds of years of warning, you could spread chalk or charcoal over the surface that changes the way it reflects light and its velocity, or you could send what they call a solar sail -- a big sheet of Mylar-like plastic -- and sort of shrink-wrap it, and the sunlight over centuries would push it out of the way. It Came From Outer Space
  • We have developed food packaging to a fine art with shrink-wrapped plastic everywhere, colourful drinks cartons and easy-open tins.
  • And don't forget the shrink-wrapping of those helicopters -- who knows how many -- for that long, salt-free sea voyage home. Tom Engelhardt: Stuff Happens: The Pentagon's Argument of Last Resort on Iraq

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