How To Use Shower curtain In A Sentence

  • She put new linens, pillows, and shams in the master bedroom, regrouted the master bath, and bought a purple shower curtain and coordinated rug for the kids' bath to draw the eye away from older fixtures.
  • She closed the shower curtain and entangled her fingers in her knotty hair.
  • And in this case, perhaps because the selection of designers was weak or because the challenge had been done before, the episode was uneventful as the designers proceeded to make dresses out of tablecloths, shower curtains and other cloth-like materials that can be found in a grocery store. Season 5 Premiere of "Project Runway": Haven���t I Seen This Before?
  • It was true that the shower curtain should have been renewed.
  • A hospital track that is flush with the ceiling tile controls the shower curtain.
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  • Saris are traditionally worn by Nepali women and they are also used as a kind of "shower curtain" when the women take baths at the village water tap.
  • There was laundry hanging all along the shower curtain rod.
  • She drew open the shower curtain and closed the shower.
  • Many of today's colorful new shower curtains come with breathable pockets for wet toy storage.
  • Products are widely used in bedding, curtains, shower curtain, embroidery, clothing, accessories, furniture, table cloth and so on.
  • She also regularly wraps things small things in kleenex and shower curtains from the various hotels they stay at. Common Household Items Make Packing Easier | Lifehacker Australia
  • There was laundry hanging all along the shower curtain rod.
  • How to launder blankets, nonwool and wool … Curtains and draperies … Shower curtains … Diapers … Gloves and mittens … Lingerie, undergarments, foundation garments … Down- and feather-filled clothes and furnishings … Polyester-filled clothes and furnishings … Kapok and foam fillings … Knits … Cotton knits … Quilts HOME COMFORTS
  • There is a downstairs cloakroom which has black and gold walls, white tiles and a sunken shower with draped white shower curtains.
  • If you don't want to attach the vinyl/plastic liner permanently to the shower curtain, use a double shower curtain rod.
  • Ok, I have a shower curtain liner that has netted pockets on it, we have one of those scrubbing bubbles sprayers but it doesn't exactly get the bottom of the shower curtain, the bottom pockets are kind of mildewed I have sprayed it with cleaner but I just can't seem to get it off the netted part. New Blogs and RSS Feeds
  • Then, through a gap in the shower curtain, he saw a dark shape.
  • Fabric Table Cloth , Cushion , Table Runner , Placemat, Napkin, Shower Curtain Table Cloths and Runners.
  • There was a shadow on the shower curtain, a human-shape holding something in an upraised arm.
  • This reminded me I needed to replace my shower curtains.
  • This reminded me I needed to replace my shower curtains.
  • Pulling the shower curtains away I realized I had forgot to bring in my clothes.
  • There was laundry hanging all along the shower curtain rod.
  • Jen said, sweeping aside the shower curtain and sitting down on the edge of the tub.
  • Phthalates are a large family of industrial chemicals used for their plasticizing properties in nail polishes and in dozens of plastic products, from shower curtains to food wrap; and for their scent-prolonging feature in fragrances.
  • Either way, though, my shower curtain is holding up so far, and no new tears have occurred to date. » Rehabilitating my Shower Curtain
  • For something a little less bodacious, here's a neat online shop for fun gifts; I would recommend a new shower curtain.
  • As if the space of the bathroom was still not small enough, there is a space-within-a-space formed by the shower curtain drawn around the tub in which Zooey sits with a lit cigarette parked on the soapdish. Justice to J.D. Salinger
  • The shower curtain is white with huge orange and olive spots, and the shower curtain hooks are decorated with pink and orange balls. Dear Clusterflock | clusterflock
  • Harry clicked on the light, revealing a small, clean space with a plastic shower curtain decorated with fish and nonskid turquoise flower decals strewn across the base of the shower. Dark Oracle
  • Feel us rumple through all that it's got: bed spreads, shower curtain, taste like apple bear claws from the continental breakfast: Philly cream cheese in foot-long foil squeeze. Float Like An Asterisk, Sting Like A Mote
  • In no time, he had the whole outfit draped over the shower curtain rod to drip-dry.
  • A shadow fell across the shower curtain, as Jenny walked into the room, a horrible blueish tinge to her skin.
  • As you are painfully aware, when it comes to being handy, I can barely work a shower curtain.
  • As you are painfully aware, when it comes to being handy, I can barely work a shower curtain.
  • Bathrooms have electric showers and a select choice of tiling and shower curtain options.
  • Sara's bathroom consisted of a cat towel, bath and shower curtain, and rinse cup.
  • All she could hear was the steady plop of water dripping from the shower curtain and the faint buzz light-bulbs in the background.
  • If you cannot afford curtains, use a tablecloth, bed sheet or cloth shower curtain. Times, Sunday Times
  • A New Yorker cartoon reprinted in Lee's autobiography epitomizes her appeal: A pot-bellied, bald man shaving at the bathroom sink glances at his wife, who is speaking to him from behind a shower curtain. More Than a Girl With a Gimmick
  • Plus there was only a flimsy shower curtain between the two of us.
  • The shower curtain market is changing rapidly.
  • First, keep the water where it belongs with an organically grown hemp shower curtain.
  • My vinyl shower curtain is covered in mildew right now and cleaning it is the last thing in the world on my list of Things to Do. » Rehabilitating my Shower Curtain

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