How To Use Show trial In A Sentence

  • This is when hundreds of communists and non-communists ‘confessed’ to make-believe crimes in show trials.
  • Although he blustered about a ‘show trial’ and a ‘kangaroo court’, he was devastated to be thrown out of the party.
  • However the Soviet Union could not carry out show trials in Berlin, which was an open city.
  • But these demands to "denounce" are straight out of a Soviet show trial, and are despicable. Hillary Finance Committee Member Compares Wright And David Duke, Says Obama "Used Race Where It Suited Him"
  • Stalin staged a series of show trials.
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  • In that unhallowed place centuries before, show trials were held, unjust and corrupt, and many innocents were sentenced to slow, twitching deaths on the gibbet.
  • They would compete to tear down government buildings, rip art galleries to shreds, and hold impromptu show trials for local Party officials, teachers or intellectuals.
  • My parents covered the show trials of the last two—Mindszenty and Rajk—both convicted of faked charges of espionage, the cardinal given a life sentence, Rajk, the foreign minister, sent to the gallows. Enemies of the People
  • A show trial is going on in Rome on illegal art acquisitions by the museum.
  • He set up show trials which passed capital sentences on thousands of defendants, including his two brothers and two brothers-in-law.
  • A series of show trials of former senior officials of the ousted regime took place.
  • The image of former VP Mohammad Ali, stripped of robe and turban and the right to be tried by fellow clerics, looking dazed and emaciating as he falteringly reads a confession about bizarre plots -- recalls Stalin's original conspiratorial show trials. Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Reigniting America's Human Rights Mojo
  • Should the real scientific community participate in this show trial at all?
  • Dozens were executed for espionage or sabotage after having been convicted in show trials.
  • This took place in 1922, and was a precursor of the show trials of the following decades.
  • A series of show trials of former senior officials of the ousted regime took place.

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