How To Use Shoshoni In A Sentence

  • Shoshonite nearest the contact with the overlying flow is scoriaceous and, being less weather resistant, has eroded back to form a conspicuous bench.
  • We had for-real cowboys, Basque sheepherders, hardrock miners, Shoshoni and Paiute Indians, wild-game hunters from all over the world, various and sundry railroad workers, and tourists passing through on U.S. 40, the main highway bisecting the nation at that time. Beard
  • The Blackfeet and other enemy tribes raided Shoshoni camps for horses, yet allied tribes ‘visited them for the purpose of swapping and bartering for their cayuses.’
  • ARCHIBALD: Well, there's an image there of Lewis wearing an otter skin that was decorated with ermin (ph), that was given to him by a Shoshoni Indian by the name of Camiowi (ph). CNN Transcript Jan 11, 2004
  • Her native language, Ute, is closely related to Shoshoni.

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