[ US /ˈʃɔɹtnəs/ ]
[ UK /ʃˈɔːtnəs/ ]
  1. the property of being truncated or short
  2. the property of being of short temporal extent
    the shortness of air travel time
  3. an abrupt discourteous manner
  4. the property of being shorter than average stature
  5. the property of being of short spatial extent
    the shortness of the Channel crossing
  6. the condition of being short of something
    can cause shortness of breath
    there was no shortness of money
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How To Use shortness In A Sentence

  • But physical discomforts during the third trimester, such as heartburn, leg cramps, fetal movement, shortness of breath and sinus congestion, can again interfere with sleep.
  • After much blundering and backing, it stopped at the door: rolling heavily from side to side when its other motion had ceased, as if it had taken cold in its damp stable, and between that, and the having been required in its dropsical old age to move at any faster pace than a walk, were distressed by shortness of wind. American Notes for General Circulation
  • Besides, he had, it seems, a weakness in his voice, a perplexed and indistinct utterance and a shortness of breath, which, by breaking and disjointing his sentences much obscured the sense and meaning of what he spoke. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
  • The usual symptoms are a persistent cough and shortness of breath. The Sun
  • An elderly monk presented with a sharp thoracic back pain of sudden onset and shortness of breath.
  • When we analyze music works,[sentence dictionary] we cannot ignore it for its shortness and changefulness. We should take a strict and scientific attitude and method towards analyzing and studying it.
  • I checked online and found that metoprolol has a warning to contact the doctor immediately if you experience wheezing, shortness of breath or swelling of hands and feet.
  • At times came robbers and thieves, at times came diseases among the beasts and shortness of food, once the country was worried by a pack of boar-hounds he helped to kill; he went through many inconsecutive, irrelevant adventures. The War in the Air
  • In addition, both fresh and dried roots were used in medicine -- in a posset bryony was said to cure shortness of breath. Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
  • Scazonic, or halting, iambics; a choliambic (a lame, halting iambic) differs from the iambic Senarius in always having a spondee or trichee for its last foot; the fifth foot, to avoid shortness of meter, being generally an iambic. Fables
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