[ UK /ʃˈɔːthænd/ ]
[ US /ˈʃɔɹtˌhænd/ ]
  1. written in abbreviated or symbolic form
    shorthand notes
  1. a method of writing rapidly using an abbreviated symbolic system
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How To Use shorthand In A Sentence

  • Hinduism is not a unified system of belief and practice, and should at best be regarded as a convenient shorthand for a complex social and cultural phenomenon.
  • Shorthand and typewriting have been described as the twin arts.
  • Actually, "splog" or "slog" are two common shorthands for "Spam Blogs"; as people linked to you using "slog", Google assumed is was to point at a wrong doer... Spam blog - SLOG
  • Shorthand just looks like a series of funny squiggles to me.
  • ‡ The word chauvinism is often used as shorthand for “male chauvinism, ” a term describing the attitudes of men who believe that women are inferior and should not be given equal status with men. Chauvinism
  • Lem, neocon may or may not be shorthand for Jews in some media circles, but in any circle you encounter, "jackass" is shorthand for Joe Klein. "Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence."
  • Many of Jay Ward's characters and catchphrases have since morphed into pop-culture shorthand: Dudley Do-Right, the clueless Mountie, is shorthand for anybody who stumbles into a situation overconfident he's doing the right thing; Snidely Whiplash, Do-Right's nemesis, for a scenery-chewing villain; the "Waybac" Machine, Mr. Peabody's time-travel system, for a nostalgia flashback; as well as expressions such as "nothing up my sleeve ... presto!" and
  • Shorthand may serve useful purposes, but when combined with short attention spans, it's foolishness bordering on fraud.
  • Prosar, which is shorthand for Professional Scan and Recognition, has a 10,000 page per day output.
  • A shorthand writer will make a transcript.
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