1. having a short tail
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How To Use short-tailed In A Sentence

  • Endemic species throughout the region include the endangered Ash-breasted tit-tyrant (Anairetes alpinus); the critically threatened royal cinclodes (Cinclodes aricomae); Berlepsch's canastero (Asthenes berlepschi) classified as vulnerable; line-fronted canastero (Asthenes urubambensis), olivaceous thornbill (Chalcostigma olivaceum), scribble-tailed canastero (Asthenes maculicauda), short-tailed finch (Idiopsar bracyurus), and gray-bellied flower-piercer (Diglosa carbonaria), classified as species of least concern. Central Andean wet puna
  • The Short-tailed Albatross is an extremely rare bird.
  • The order Ophiomorpha, as has been before observed, present a general resemblance to serpents, and a special resemblance to certain short-tailed ones; though it is rather with the Amphisbenian Sauriansthat they may most advantageously be compared. The Common Frog
  • The swing-door creaked, and in the doorway appeared a rather short young Jew with a big beak-like nose, with a bald patch surrounded by rough red curly hair; he was dressed in a short and very shabby reefer jacket, with rounded lappets and short sleeves, and in short serge trousers, so that he looked skimpy and short-tailed like an unfledged bird. The Bishop and Other Stories
  • Arctic foxes, short-tailed weasels and ermines are some of the smaller carnivores found here.
  • ESA-listed birds in Washington marine waters are the marbled murrelet, bald eagle, brown pelican, short-tailed albatross, and western snowy plover.
  • The ship rat invaded Big South Cape Island off Stewart Island, where the last population of South Island saddlebacks existed and other things like bush wren, Stewart Island bush snipe and the greater short-tailed bat.
  • Fossils of flying reptiles come in two versions: the older long-tailed pterosaurs and the more recent short-tailed versions. Darwinopterus, the New Flying Reptile
  • Among mammals, my annual visitors now include a few common smoky shrews, short-tailed shrews, red-backed voles, and, last but certainly not least in numbers, deer mice.
  • Most of these species are small mammals and include four-toed jerboa (Allactaga tetradactyla, EN), North African gerbil (Gerbillus campestris), James's gerbil (G. jamesi), pale gerbil (G. perpallidus), lesser short-tailed gerbil (G. simoni) and sand gerbil (G. syrticus, CR), fat-tailed gerbil (Pachyuromys duprasi), and Shaw's jird (Meriones shawi). North Saharan steppe and woodlands
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