How To Use Short-haired In A Sentence

  • Small, short-haired, inactive dogs without a thick fur undercoat are more susceptible to cold weather. Ready for the Dog Days of Winter?
  • It was true she had a new set, warm and serviceable, but -- well, a short-haired, dark-brown collarette hasn't the allure of a fluffy, snow-white boa. Missy
  • Cooper is a grey, short-haired cat with a white splash of fur on his left hind-foot.
  • Civet cats are not true cats, but short-haired mammals with long bodies, short legs, and tails.
  • The short-haired variety is more often used for mountain work because he can tolerate cold temperatures.
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  • One studio engineer reports a tall, short-haired Irishman as being an occasional visitor to the studio when the Byrds recorded The Notorious Byrd Brothers in summer 1967, and claims that he sang harmony on Draft Morning, but the studio logs offer no evidence to support that contention. Psychedelic footballer – the secret life of Derek Dougan
  • For example, using descriptions gleaned from his extensive research, Henderson attempts to replicate an Hidatsa dog travois (a wood and sinew A-frame sled) and then train a short-haired Husky to pull the outfit.
  • The six-year-old short-haired tabby is a nervous cat with a tendency to spray, but with the right home and lots of attention, she can be very affectionate.
  • A medium-size, short-haired dog lies next to the chair and looks alertly toward the camera.
  • And there are all kinds of blogs: blogs about black and white cats (like this), fat cats, short-haired cats, long-haired cats and so on, or blogs that help to locate the areas where there is most likely to be a cat sighting (like this). Global Voices in English » Japan: Cat mania
  • Your independent film company is named after your short-haired pointer, Pearl, who has also been featured in your last few Spenser novels. An Interview with Robert Parker
  • They nuzzled the bloody bodies, pressed their faces against the curs ' short-haired skulls, exhaling remonstrances and reassurances into the ruined ears.
  • Yes, I publicly wept at the Will Rogers Airport over the sudden death of Junior, the gray American short-haired who'd been my friend and companion for the better part of 10 years. Todd Farley: Cuter Than Junior?
  • The problem with cats is generally the dander, and if you get a very short-haired cat when it's a kitten, I'm told that they can learn not to mind being bathed regularly, which cuts way, way down on the dander.
  • I was waiting at a bus stop when a short-haired woman said to me, "That man is bothering me."
  • She turned to be faced with her short-haired friend bouncing up and down excitedly.
  • Onlookers said the screen beauty appeared to have struck up a very close friendship with the short-haired woman.
  • If you hate grooming, buy a short-haired dog.
  • He was not especially fluffy, in fact he was a very short-haired, sleek kitten, with suspicious tufts to the tops of his ears which made us suspect he was half lynx.
  • They are short-haired dogs, sandy in colour, which were brought to Australia from South-East Asia between 3000 and 4000 years ago.
  • a short-haired dog
  • Short-haired dogs require brushing while Terriers coats are plucked to remove dead hair.
  • More short-haired young men gaze through leaded windows or carry burdens across alienating landscapes.
  • "They're poisoning our animals," said one cat owner, whose short-haired black and white cat was admitted to the Animal Medical Center on Saturday and released yesterday.
  • A short-haired waitress brings me my first dish: a prawn, pineapple, and avocado sushi.
  • There is also a fine short-haired cat coming from Russia, usually self-colored. Concerning Cats My Own and Some Others
  • His only companion is Nicky, a short-haired calico cat.
  • Any of a breed of hunting dogs that points game, typically having a smooth, short-haired coat that is usually white with black or brownish spots.
  • In addition to moon bears, tigers live in this mountain jungle, as do small, short-haired, tree-climbing sun bears, the strange, fanged barking deer called muntjacs, and civets, wild boars, and cobras.
  • There's an edgy, youthful feel to the sprawling stone downtown, where gaggles of short-haired, punky students walk narrow, walled streets.
  • The first obvious difference from the manga is in the appearance of the central character, Deunan, who in the manga is more-or-less a regular self-capable woman with an unusual skill for violence and mayhem, but who in the anime has become a short-haired tomboy whose fighting skills ascend to the level of gravity-defying superpowers, as she is capable of backflipping over enemy gunfire in slow-motion. Archive 2007-08-01
  • Knightley can currently be seen in Never Let Me Go, which also stars fellow short-haired actress Carey Mulligan. Keira Knightley Debuts New 'Do
  • We had a preference for a kitten, and for a short-haired cat, but neither of these were deal-breakers
  • He looked up and saw the short-haired blonde from the other night.
  • The deputy manager at the shelter, said: "The cat is a ginger domestic short-haired cat."
  • The montage of icons does cohere into a sort of meta-icon perhaps, of dogs that are (for me) short-haired, middling-sized, with dark-brown fur; but this is … a sort of cubist collage of perspectives that spills out beyond its casual frame, each dog a Cerberus with three heads superimposed one over the other, snub-nosed and long-snouted, ears pricked and flattened, slavering and not slavering. Archive 2009-07-01
  • She is a cross between a British short-haired and an ordinary domestic cat.
  • He told me that the extensions were going with him to the Cosmo shoot to transform the short-haired Christina into a luscious big-haired Cosmo girl.
  • For a fine finish on short-haired furs, finish the raw edge with seam binding and secure the hem with double catch-stitching as noted above.
  • The smile did break as the short-haired boy glanced at the large cardboard box in his lap.
  • His only companion is Nicky, a short-haired calico cat.
  • The front door opened and Louis came out with a short-haired dachshund on a lead. THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS
  • There are also short-haired cats and they sometimes call them domestic short-hairs. The Kitchen Daughter
  • A short-haired person will not be able to wear the styles for the medium to longer lengths.
  • We're keen to get a dog but they don't mix very happily with cats, and we still have a British short-haired cat, Henry.
  • Jukes, in his "Excursions in and about Newfoundland," says, "A thin, short-haired black dog, belonging to George Harvey, came off to us to-day; this animal was of a breed very different from what we understand by the term Newfoundland dog in England. Anecdotes of Dogs
  • Only the short-haired youth bore a weapon, and that was a small knife.
  • It belonged to a man of about thirty, short-haired, clean-shaven, who sat at the head of the non-smokers ' end of the table. SLEEP WHILE I SING
  • A Siamese had only a stub of a tail, a short-haired spotted cat walked strangely, with only three legs.
  • For a fine finish on short-haired furs, finish the raw edge with seam binding and secure the hem with double catch-stitching as noted above.
  • Missing-person posters featuring a photo of a short-haired, smiling Keller have been put up around the sprawling campus in DeKalb, about 65 miles west of Chicago. Toni Keller Investigation: Burned Human Remains Found Near NIU
  • There's an edgy, youthful feel to the sprawling stone downtown, where gaggles of short-haired, punky students walk narrow, walled streets.
  • She seemed to be very close with a short-haired blonde woman in the club.
  • The highlight of the show this year was Bull Mastiff, a giant short-haired dog, bred for more than 2,000 years in England.
  • ‘He got me a present,’ the short-haired youth muttered, staring in disbelief at the wrapped package in his hands.

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