How To Use Shopworn In A Sentence

  • This lack of sensitivity to the wellsprings of quality largely stems from shopworn but doggedly persistent ideas on where to economize.
  • Or better yet, might we construct a model that is both consistent with the evidence and more beneficial than either of those shopworn choices? Clay Farris Naff: Are We The Reason For The Universe's Existence? The Anthropic Principle Reconsidered
  • Exotic dancers, taxi drivers, cigarette girls, lawyers of the shopworn sort with dandruff on their lapels.
  • And the nuclear priesthood to borrow a phrase from the father of our "Nuclear Navy", Admiral Hyman Rickover still uses many words and concepts that were already shopworn decades ago. Rory O'Connor: No Word for Meltdown: Nukespeak Returns
  • Where Intolerable Cruelty is stylized and fun, Laws of Attraction is shopworn and flat.
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  • His bag of tricks is so small, and so shopworn, it's almost as if he's writing the same column every week.
  • It is tarted up with shopworn absurdism, as when a moronic computer programmer jumps off that roof only to reappear without explanation to continue being moronic.
  • The beach garland is sunburned, a silt shopworn, hot, as well as full of waste -- no place for upon foot barefoot. Archive 2009-11-01
  • The problem with revenge stories is that they're a staple of American cinema and because of that, the genre is a little shopworn.
  • Short and stocky, a shopworn wool sweater carelessly worn backwards on occasion, Bob displayed an almost pixyish quality that was only enhanced by his lilting, Gaelic turn of phrase and charming absent-mindedness.
  • Already shopworn by 1966, the Munich analogy never dies.
  • Over and over, he would take over a shopworn company, install new managers, build it up, list it on the stock market, and make stacks of money for himself and his investors.
  • In my opinion, Richard Powers in The Echo Maker is attempting to retain something of the experimentation of modernist psychological realism -- or at least its goal -- but as I indicated in my post on the novel, its lackluster execution in this book is for me another signal that the technique has become increasingly shopworn. Point of View in Fiction
  • As she observes, that shopworn notion has been complicated into near oblivion by artists responding to new social realities in the People's Republic.
  • Or maybe Matthew hopes to work for Haim Saban someday and doesn’t want to embarrass Haim by pointing out that Haim’s shabbos goy is looking somewhat. .er .. “shopworn”. Matthew Yglesias » Nader on Bloomberg
  • One tiny mark, a slight rip or fold, any sign that any human being had touched the book and the publishers would call it shopworn and not refund any money for an unsold book. So, dustjackets: WTF?
  • The beach bunch is sunburned, a sand shopworn, hot, as well as full of waste -- no place for upon foot barefoot. Archive 2009-11-01
  • A rather shopworn Explorer waited outside, baking in the heat. THIS TIME LOVE
  • Now almost a decade old, Jay's brash brand of rap has become shopworn.
  • But how often do they look closely at every shopworn assessment, and how often do they challenge every bit of published analysis?
  • These strategies, I would argue, are entirely familiar and slightly shopworn.
  • But as times and tastes changed, it needed a catalyst to move beyond the shopworn stereotypes of LAPD cops as either by-the-book straight arrows or rakish, rule-breaking mavericks.
  • shopworn merchandise at half price
  • The rhetoric that accompanies high-minded discussions of the deficit has grown shopworn.
  • Those shopworn clichés that had been repeated day in and day out had no place in this celebration.
  • hit-the-grit" circus, and were writing to the big shows for prices on superannuated or "shopworn" animals. Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905
  • That hatemongers still peddle their shopworn wares, disrupting lives, pitting neighbor against neighbor.
  • The beach garland is sunburned, a silt shopworn, hot, as well as full of waste -- no place for upon foot barefoot. Archive 2009-11-01
  • But when they reached for substance, they tended to brandish shopworn proposals targeted at narrow and increasingly elderly groups of voters.
  • The town itself is a wonderful example of a lived-in, somewhat shopworn, urban relic.
  • Yet in Iowa over the last few days, he has begun to appear more shopworn than stirring.
  • The author is convinced that the officers should be taught to think originally, to reject shopworn patterns and approaches, and to avoid bureaucratic quagmire.
  • His drama uses the skeleton of a shopworn story to say very little about love and a lot about a rarely documented locale.
  • The old coat has shopworn in the closet for years.
  • What I found was just another recycling of all the shopworn thriller clichés and ‘hostile alien’ stereotypes that permeate the studios.
  • Moving away from the shopworn rhetoric of the 1930s and creating an agenda and program relevant to today's work force will do more to add to union membership rolls than new laws, Johnson said.
  • They had been effective last week, but were suddenly shopworn.
  • Photographs taken in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1993 reflect Lawton's palpable empathy for his shopworn subjects, two years after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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