shoot down

  1. shoot at and force to come down
    the enemy landed several of our aircraft
  2. thwart the passage of
    kill a motion
    he shot down the student's proposal
  3. move quickly and violently
    The car tore down the street
    He came charging into my office
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How To Use shoot down In A Sentence

  • To be an ace you had to shoot down five enemy aircraft.
  • With enough air shooting up and down, the pinwheel is knocked on its side, creating a huge rotating mass of clouds called a mesocyclone - the hallmark of a tornado-spawning supercell storm - from which a funnel cloud can shoot down. Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion
  • During the 1980s, Edward Teller—father of the H-bomb—promoted a radical idea for missile defense: shoot down Soviet ICBMs using high-energy X-ray lasers powered by a nuclear explosion in space. The Omega Theory
  • The navy may have to wait another day before launching a heat-seeking missile to shoot down a spy satellite.
  • The gates opened with speed to let the approaching friends in, and bowmen fitted bows to shoot down the riders.
  • If you order a White Chocolate Mocha, the procedure is simple: a squirt of white chocolate syrup, and then over to the machine where shots of espresso shoot down.
  • The two men are suspected of trying to smuggle into this country shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down aircraft.
  • It's true that a few A-4s were flown by the Navy Fighter Weapons School at Miramar, California-but they played the role of "bogies," which the fighter pilots in training were supposed to intercept and shoot down. Free Democracy
  • The gunners managed to shoot down two of the attackers before the aircraft was badly hit, limping back to base on two of its four engines.
  • ISTANBUL — A Turkish court on Friday arraigned an al Qaeda suspect found with software designed to help shoot down surveillance drones in Afghanistan, according to state-run newswire Anadolu Ajansi. Turkey Arraigns al Qaeda Suspect
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