How To Use Shoed In A Sentence

  • Stories told by friends who can remember when the only north-south road in Idaho would be closed during bad weather, friends whose grandparents snowshoed across country. Kristine Kathryn Rusch » 2008 » September
  • I hesitate to use the word 'godlike,' because it's a little strong, but he really is a mythical figure around here," said Ben Jones, a Penn State student who covers the football team for the blog The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - The Washington Post
  • Officials said the car was "horseshoed" around a tree. - Articles related to Driving with a pet as dangerous as texting on the go
  • Hmmmm ... un espadrille-shoed chèvre avec une barbiche! Entretenir de grands espoirs - French Word-A-Day
  • Maybe we just might see in the coming decade the first CAPPED fkn muppet headed panty waisted, goody fkn too shoed thumb sucking media & public fkn opinion pole whole of a PM TOPPED. Cheeseburger Gothic » More of a Friday Writing Thought than a Friday Writing Blog.
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  • More than five million people snowshoed in 2000, according to the Outdoor industry of America.
  • Spiked blue hair and horseshoed barbell piercings in his ears, he looked like an aged barista, not a customer. Morning Joe
  • He answered me warmly that he entirely joined issue with me in such an opinion, and that he was often affected to sickishness by the snobbery of mundane society, adding that he hoped I would give him the look up at his paternal mansion in Prince's Square, Bayswater, shortly, since his people would be overjoyed at making my acquaintance, which both enraptured and surprised me, for hitherto he had ridden the high and rough-shoed horse, and employed me to suck my brains as a cat's foot. Baboo Jabberjee, B.A.
  • Has that grasping old monopolist gumshoed into town again?" inquired Washburn, and promptly ordered his secretary to get Boise on the telephone. Five Thousand an Hour : how Johnny Gamble won the heiress
  • I slow down, hobbling, with one shoed foot, the other bare. The Memory Palace
  • My dad was over on the putting green so he just kind of shoed me off. CNN Transcript Dec 21, 2009
  • Five minutes later I was at a gated compound that was or once had been a motel, a strip of rooms two stories tall horseshoed around a swimming pool that looked empty under the flickering sky. Spin
  • Even now I hear the soft tread of the gum-shoed guard as he comes to censure me for my coal-oil lamp still burning. Chapter 1
  • He may be right that the governor should have been a shoo-in, but it appears that he is going to be "shoed" out! If the Shoo Fits . . .
  • Stratford, and from Stratford at Dunstable, whither he came the next day a little after noon, and within a few hours after Sophia had left it; and though he was obliged to stay here longer than he wished, while a smith, with great deliberation, shoed the posthorse he was to ride, he doubted not but to overtake his Sophia before she should set out from St. Albans; at which place he concluded, and very reasonably, that his lordship would stop and dine. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
  • They were more or less similar in dress with the dark grey worsted buttoned on the correct second button and a stiff collared white shirt, and shoed in the polished dark leather.
  • Funny, I always thought the icky part was having someone’s sandy, dirty, unshoed feet in ones hair. Magdalene Matters
  • Susan Page Davis of Clinton, Maine, also has experience with horses; for a while she studied farriery and shoed horses. Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
  • the children were well shoed
  • On the first day of field work, we snowshoed to the research site with Iona strapped on. Mothers in the Field
  • Pelosi descended to the floor of the House, where a saddle-shoed grandson, Paul Vos, leapt into her arms. Boehner Cries As He Moves To Speakership
  • First, we snowshoed up and around Wuksachi Lodge, following coyote tracks across the meadows.
  • After three days, Laura couldn't stand it anymore, and she snowshoed into East Corinth to find a telephone.
  • For example, if a team chose to bike and snowshoe, they were required to carry their bikes with them as they snowshoed, and vice versa.
  • Not only that, the media on the whole grows more accustomed to ignoring important stories that cry out for real, gumshoed investigations. Moving On: 2006
  • Edelheit is not the only Israeli to have been "shoed" this month. Latest weapon against Israelis: Shoes....
  • While it is the sheer physicality of Mr. Hurt's performance that impresses most—he totters about the stage with the squeaky-shoed grace of the music-hall clowns that Beckett loved—you will be no less stunned by the sound of his creaky, rusty voice, which suggests a hermit who never has occasion to speak a word aloud for months at a time. The End Of the Line
  • He's gumshoed Roswell for years, turning out three best sellers with a made for TV plot. CNN Transcript Nov 25, 2008
  • Jem flipped his cap back on top of his head, the brim newly horseshoed. The Town
  • Since my first outing with a group called the Tahoe Trekkers, I've hiked in Patagonia, snowshoed in British Columbia, trekked in Nepal and backpacked my way up Mount Whitney.
  • In an era of height classes, he dominated his fellow short men, and his sharply cusped biceps and deeply horseshoed triceps dwarfed those of much taller bodybuilders.
  • In addition to snowboarding that week we snowshoed and hiked along some of the 250km of footpaths that this mountain area provides. Tara Stiles: Why Aren't The Swiss Fat?
  • I wonder about the “espadrille-shoed chèvre” also. Entretenir de grands espoirs - French Word-A-Day
  • We all snowshoed for the first time and we were probably the oldest group of people actually playing in the "snowplay" area. Toan Lam: Celebrate Mother Earth: Visiting Parks, A Natural Way to Unplug
  • For Ghost Hunter she snowshoed in the trails of elk and reindeer in -18 degrees in the Finnish Lapland midwinter. A wolf in the hand luggage
  • It opened outside onto the second floor of a motor hotel, horseshoed around a parking lot with trucks and motor homes and a couple of square sedans. The Zero
  • You couldnt impart the knowledge of how to tie shoed to a kindergartener. Think Progress » Beck To Headline Texas Event With Rick Perry, The Man He Once Said He Wanted To ‘French Kiss’
  • Two squeaky-shoed and heavy-footed audience members demonstrated their passion for 20 th-century classical music by stomping out in the break after the first movement.

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