[ UK /ʃˈə‍ʊl/ ]
  1. make shallow
    The silt shallowed the canal
  2. become shallow
    the lake shallowed over time
  1. a stretch of shallow water
  2. a large group of fish
    a school of small glittering fish swam by
  3. a sandbank in a stretch of water that is visible at low tide
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How To Use shoal In A Sentence

  • There were shoals of grunt and goatfish sheltering in the shadow of our boat.
  • With superb boatmanship he threaded the narrow, tortuous channel which no craft larger than a whaleboat could negotiate, until the shoals and patches showed seaward and they grounded on the quiet, rippling beach. A SON OF THE SUN
  • Forty-two percent of the diet of the black-footed penguin is small shoaling fish, with 25 species of fish, including anchovies (Engraulis capensis) and sardines (Sardinops sagax) being recorded, as well as 18 species of crustaceans, three species of squid, and one species of polychaete worm. Black-footed penguin
  • It was charted and well known to all navigators, lying on the line of 16o west longitude, right at its intersection by the tenth parallel north latitude, and only a few miles away from Diana Shoal. Goliah
  • A spangled shoal of fish swept by him, rainbow-hued, fins of intricate filigree. CORMORANT
  • Sometimes you'll find shoals of roach and perch in streams running out into the bays.
  • With his keen sight and sound judgment, it would not have taken him long to determine that the inner part of the bay does not consist of floating barrier, but that the Barrier there rests upon a good, solid foundation, probably in the form of small islands, skerries, or shoals, and from this point he and his able companions would have disposed of the South Polar question once for all. The South Pole~ Plan and Preparations
  • Huge dense shoals of fish cover the forward quarter of the wreck.
  • These offer information about shifting shoals, sandbars and such that can be critical for boaters and productive for fishers.
  • However, a quick googling produced several results confirming his pronunciation ("pronounced as if to rhyme with 'bam'"; "Cholame (pronounced 'Shoal-lamb')"; "Cholame (pronounced Sholam)"; etc.), so I think you've simply been unaware of the local pronunciation. Languagehat.com: IN HIS MIDST.
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