How To Use Shitting In A Sentence

  • The concept of "masculine" and "feminine" genres and men apparently not allowed to be sexual that runs through this thread is kind of shitting me. undefined
  • Besides, I was enchanted by the idea of shitting like a cowboy. on writing by stephen king
  • Sergio Garcia, of Spain, finishes his swing with one hand on the club after mishitting his tee shot on the third hole during the third round of the Match Play Championship golf tournament Friday, Feb. 19, 2010, in Marana, Ariz. The Buzz
  • Another Fulham break involving intelligent work from Johnson found Bobby Zamora crossing for Clint Dempsey to worry Van der Sar with a header and United's loss of composure was demonstrated by the unusual sight of Michael Carrick not only mishitting a pass but doing it so completely that the ball sailed into the stand. Top stories from Times Online
  • Jon shuffles meekly onto the stage, clearly uncomfortable, barel ... fauverism Ctrl-V (Shitting a brick) jacklail ATLANTA (AP) _ People who sleep fewer than six hours a night -- or more than nine -- are more likely to be obese. jbrotherlove my last Ctrl-V = are you a good kisser jeffarena and by kick butt, i mean getting stomped by 12yr olds online. kenlotich sootiest Paste to Win! (A Twitter Contest) - Anil Dash
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  • The Azzurri had two chances to get on the scoreboard from rare incursions into England's territory in the first half, Iannone mishitting his first penalty shot afte 24 minutes before making it 7-3 moments before half-time. Your Local Guardian | Wimbledon
  • I found a charming post on a comic book message board, where, in response to someone noting Alan Moore's appreciation for classic super heroes, said something along the lines of Moore crapping well, actually, "shitting" on the superhero genre at every opportunity. Archive 2004-04-04
  • I started mishitting some balls and lost my rhythm for a little while. Local, Sports, Business and Entertainment News
  • Like I said, I really hope that you bill hourly for that kind of bullshitting skill — but if so, I also hope that you get struck off soon. ohm says: Matthew Yglesias » How Waterboarding Was Done
  • The people he's saying are "shitting" are the Bush campaign, Betty. Hillary: Tuesday's Voting Will Be A "Game Changer"
  • Now he's come looking for Peggy in the office, and she finds him in Roger's office, with his pants off, "leaving Draper a little present" (aka shitting on his chair). Samantha Zalaznick: Mad Men Recap: Happy Birthday, Peggy!
  • The pleasure in eating, shitting, or fucking is, as Freud used to say, "anaclitic," dependent on functions that must occur anyway. A Matter of Urgency
  • First your technique gets off and you start mishitting your putts.
  • Conversely, Obama has made it clear the presidency he intends to have, and he doesn't get there by "shitting" on anyone. Election Central Sunday Roundup
  • McIlroy's frustration boiled over at the seventh, when he smashed a club through a wooden advertising billboard after mishitting an approach out of wood chippings lining the fairway. The Buzz
  • You can't reply "Well, my viscera is just shitting all over this. Una LaMarche: Project Runway Episode 12 Recap: Let's Getty It Over With
  • Look out, then, for ambitious adland folk clutching copies of the cerebral weekly – though it could all be a wily ploy to tempt rival agencies into bullshitting in pitches, having briefed clients in advance that that was what they'd do. Media Monkey's Diary
  • Quit bullshitting, will you!
  • Now elevated to world No1, he is playing like a No1, never missing a fairway and never mishitting an iron shot. Graeme McDowell needs 'big weekend' to catch Martin Kaymer in Dubai
  • Now he's come looking for Peggy in the office, and she finds him in Roger's office, with his pants off, "leaving Draper a little present" aka shitting on his chair. Samantha Zalaznick: Mad Men Recap: Happy Birthday, Peggy!
  • Dhoni struck two fours and one six but was caught by Fernando after mishitting a full toss from Zaheer Khan. Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7
  • Hume There is no shit, just me shitting.
  • He's shitting you. Don't notice him.
  • Spending money is as easy as shitting, while earning money is as hard as eating shit.
  • Dostoyevski If no shit is true, then all shitting is permitted.
  • He squats beneath the grand piano in the living room, "shitting," says, "Poo can poo," as if he were still a toddler, then lifts his finger to his nose so he can sniff it. Ruthless with Scissors
  • Spending money is as easy as shitting, while earning money is as hard as eating shit.
  • For the those of you who don't know about the moulting, shitting, barking, licking, drooling beast that's staying at my house for two weeks, you can learn more about her here .
  • Another famous star who reportedly performed for the Gaddafis is notorious pussy 50 Cent, the crybaby pant-shitting wuss whom I could definitely have in a fight.
  • The leader holes a putt from 10 feet for par, despite clearly mishitting it.
  • Campbell didn't inadvertently pass the ball back to his keeper by mishitting (this word always looks rude to me) a clearance, he was trying to shepherd the ball back to his keeper, and he touched it before it reached him, thereby gaining an advantage for his team. TEAMtalk Football News
  • Spending money is as easy as shitting, while earning money is as hard as eating shit.
  • Scientists in Scotland (yes, the same dopes who cloned Dolly) have genetically engineered tapeworms to "excrete" vitamins (lay people call it "shitting"). glubbular globby pluff
  • She was shitting herself, especially when he pulled out a gun.
  • If you are (a) in Los Angeles over the next couple of weeks and (b) you engage in bluejacking, and (c) you're not opposed to the idea of talking about it on broadcast media, and (d) you're not bullshitting about it, please e-mail me at xeni at xeni dot net. Boing Boing: November 30, 2003 - December 6, 2003 Archives
  • Socrates The unexamined shit is not worth shitting.

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