1. obscene terms for feces
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How To Use shite In A Sentence

  • It took me a long time of prevaricating, but I finally decided that I had no idea what possessed me to go for a godawful rap/metal style of shite and clearly that rap had a silent c in front of it. More Musicality
  • But it is mostly with respect to Obama's evident reluctance to confront boldly the right-wing Bushites over the terrorism policies that I'd like to raise the question: how powerful are those Bushite forces against which Obama seems so uneager to go to war? Questioning Obama's Strategy Against Evil: Correlation of Forces
  • The cyclopean has been a /shite/ chancellor, he might be okay at math but has the economic grasp of a 10 year old, he never realises the human ramifications of his policies, he is the very definition of the C word you will not let me use here. Gordon Brown Meets the Ten Year Olds
  • If the word gobshite did not exist it would have to be invented to describe whoever wrote that standfirst. Latest news from the public and voluntary sectors, including health, children, local government and social care, plus SocietyGuardian jobs |
  • Abe, just digested Bacon wrapped Chicken and some sorta semi vegie filling, with ROASTED Spud, carrot and ither shite … DAM WICKED! Cheeseburger Gothic » A Christmas sampler.
  • What if the guy in New Hampshite is being paid a large sum of money to oose as a hostage taker, just to give Hillary her moment in front of the cameras, both humanizing her and presenting an image of a future President "in command," someone ready from the first day to be President? Did yesterday's hostage crisis teach us anything about Hillary Clinton?
  • The Ancient Ethiopians (also called Kushites and Meroites – from Meroe their last Pre-Christian capital in the area of today's Bagrawiyah in Sudan) were Kuhites – associated with the Modern Kushites of the Horn of Africa, the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Somalis, and also with the Berbers of Kabylia (Algeria), the Tuareg, and the Fulani and Hausa speaking nations of Western Africa. Open Letter to H. E. Mr. Gurjit Singh, Ambassador of India in Abyssinia (Fake 'Ethiopia')
  • While their numbers are few, the rebels have a secret weapon: under their protection is a pregnant immigrant by the name of Kee (Claire-Hope Ashitey), perhaps the only human female on the planet to have conceived in 18 years. Children of Men
  • Netshitenzhe said virtually all the commissions - the conference's debating forums - believed that monopoly capital did things, such as constraining higher rates of growth and social inclusion, that had to be dealt with. ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Thinking Americans have become enured to their major national media ignoring or belittling stories that damn the Bushites. Archive 2008-05-01
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