[ US /ˈʃɪt/ ]
[ UK /ʃˈɪt/ ]
  1. insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
  2. something of little value
    his promise is not worth a damn
    not worth one red cent
    not worth shucks
  3. a coarse term for defecation
    he took a shit
  4. a small worthless amount
    you don't know jack
  5. obscene terms for feces
  6. obscene words for unacceptable behavior
    I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk
    what he said was mostly bull
  1. have a bowel movement
    The dog had made in the flower beds
  2. give away information about somebody
    He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam
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How To Use shit In A Sentence

  • Which is stupid, considering the drivers around here A: Don't normally stop for people and in fact have been caught trying to sneak ~around~ them and B: I've been nicked several times and almost hit three times different instances last summer attempting to obey the biking laws, none of those for mistakes on my part as I've been scared shitless at the lack of aware driving that's crept over my town. The funny thing about Pain..... (Let's talk trauma!)
  • It's the sort of thing I tend to call a batshit story, and though this term has not caught on as the latest literary, uh, movement, it's the only label that seems to fit so much of the sort of writing I love. Archive 2005-12-01
  • Paul Williams is a master of talking horseshit, but even a guffer like him finds it hard to fill pages every week with shite sensationalism about the Irish criminal underworld. Irish Blogs
  • Yes | No | Report from bullshitter wrote 1 week 3 days ago it's midnight and I still can't stop laughing about that lab winning with a stiffie. Best Gun Dog Contest
  • “A shitstorm is itself the exercise of free speech.” Matthew Yglesias » Free Speech
  • And then, after all the bullshit, when he could prevaricate, elocute, circumlocute, and evade no more, he collapsed like a paper bag emptied of air. Stanton Peele: Public Figures Behaving Badly: Charlie Rangel, George Pataki, Sarah Palin
  • They love the series and some whitehats tell em they gotta do it in three movies and some bullshit tv series..which most likely wouldnt be hbo or the like they cancelled deadwood in three seasons because it was too expensive to produce. network tv adaptation would be a catastrophe and blasphamy..they deny it probably out of respect. Ron Howard to direct DARK TOWER movie trilogy
  • Hey liberals, chickenhawk is better than chickenshit, wouldn’t you agree? Think Progress » Drudge Falsely Smears Gore
  • Meanwhile, I'm enjoying working on Syriac, and trying my hand at not only the Peshitta but also a new chrestomathy i.e. selection of texts published by Gorgias Press, `Enbe men Karmo Suryoyo. You Don't Know The Language Until You Can Say "Fireman"
  • The playwright allows a predetermined narrative structure to quash the complexities that make Yamashita's case worthy of dramatization.
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