How To Use Shirley temple In A Sentence

  • Yes, she and not I, the true heir to Shirley Temple–dom. Roseanne Archy
  • Along with being treated like Shirley Temple your entire adult life, another byproduct of petiteness is the difficulty in finding clothes that not only fit you properly, but also don't make you look like you've got one foot in the grave. Tara Dublin: The Short and the Short of It
  • She's easily 20 years older than you but she's drinking a Shirley Temple and she's pretty tarted-up, pretty hot - a bona fide cougar.
  • It was presented as an episode in the children's anthology series 'Shirley Temple's Storybook' and it stands at the official televersion of that early American classic in the TV Universe. ROBERT CULP IN "THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES"
  • Carmen Elcira was 16 years old, sitting in a laundry room in Punta Paitilla, and drinking her fifth Shirley Temple of the evening.
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  • Shirley Temple was only a child when she was there; the tiny hands and feet are heartbreaking. Jane Minogue: Hooray for Hollywood's Dearly Departed
  • Debbie sang and danced and impersonated Shirley Temple like I did, but she was thin and bubbly and I was fat and morose, so you do the math. Roseanne Archy
  • As a child, I looked up to movie stars (Shirley Temple, The Bionic Woman), as a teen, I admiredglamorous runwaymodels (Paulina Porizkova, Estelle Lefébure) as a young woman Ipined overliterary figures (it didn't reallymatter who they were, if they were writers I pined). French Word-A-Day:
  • After he died in a plane crash, Rogers was replaced at the top of the box office charts by Shirley Temple, whose breakthrough film was Stand Up and Cheer, released by Fox in 1934. A Renegade History of the United States
  • Dressing in a red leotard, hanging out at bars drinking Shirley Temples is not exciting.
  • Soon after Shirley Temple committed suicide by stinging herself with an asp's venom and her sadness was mirrored by thousands across the world.
  • Sybil Jason, Warner Bros.' answer to Fox's Shirley Temple in the '30s died Tuesday in Northridge, Calif., of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to the Washington Post. Child Actress Sybil Jason Dead at 83
  • During my brilliant and audacious performances, my family constantly remarked that they thought I sang like Shirley Temple, only way better and a lot more adorably, and that my dancing made hers look contrived and boring. Roseanne Archy
  • She triumphed in the end, however, with straight talk from her father, and won the last Academy Award ever given for "Outstanding Juvenile Performance" previous recipients were Judy Garland and Shirley Temple. Penelope Andrew: First Choice for Lolita, Hayley Mills, Attends Rare Screening of Whistle Down the Wind in Hollywood, Cult Classic Comes to BAM
  • Svedka vodka will have a number of special canine-themed cocktails for $5 each, such as the German Shepard Shirley Temple, with cherry vodka, ginger and grenadine, and the Bubbly Bulldog, made from clementine/orange vodka, Sprite and champagne. Nightlife Agenda: Chromeo, Monotonix and parties for charity
  • Come to think of it, they're all probably Shirley Temple. Nancy Doyle Palmer: This Summer's Perfect State of Wonder
  • I used to wear pinafores and Shirley Temple curls and little Mary Jane shoes.
  • Not to toot my own horn too loudly, but everyone on earth loves my dancing and wants to dance with me, once they witness the full-throttle “Shirley Temple with gray hair” experience of it all—be they so blessed. Roseanne Archy
  • How to make a Shirley Temple vodka drink; get expert tips on making your own vodka cocktails in this free instructional video.
  • By 1938 she was the top box-office attraction, and a whole industry had developed around her: Shirley Temple dolls, coloring books, clothes, etc.
  • But you can skip from commercial to commercial, it's got 16 hours of them, they really are kind of hypnotically fascinating and culturally nifty and unlike Shirley Temple, I don't imagine anyone will be remastering old TV commercials any time soon. Michael Giltz: DVDs: I Heart "Firefly"
  • America had Shirley Temple but Britain had ‘the little princesses, the darlings of the Empire,’ as an adulatory press described them.
  • My mocktail, Shirley Temple (RM16), hmmm … I would say not worth it, it's just soda and some red syrup hahaha … In fact I was expecting something different * LOL* Should have order the fruit mocktail which is much more worth it as it's much more special and cheaper. Sweet Surrender v9.0 (food porn, make money, fashion, reviews about anything, technology, life in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia...)

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