How To Use Shikse In A Sentence

  • Thus this poor Irish sailor, thinking he had gained admittance to that penetralium of mystery, a haimisheh Jewish family, was reduced to dragging himself down to Whitechapel to dine Yiddler-wise with his girlfriend’s younger shikseh-doting brother who, to tell the truth, wasn’t all that keen on the pap either. Kalooki Nights
  • Years ago, I remember having genetic tests for heart problems with the rest of my family and coming up as the snail-level cholesterol shikse that I am -- whereas everyone else had mad cholesterol and all of the traits they were looking for that ran as heart issues in the family. Front Page Babay
  • A shikseh answers to some capacity for lowness in yourself. Kalooki Nights
  • Why does that awful, bony-arsed shikse only want Jewish photoshoppers? But let's bomb them, just to be on the safe side.
  • And could it really have been my buried wish to have her get it on with me and Errol both—a stubby shikseh passed like a roach from Jewish hand to Jewish hand? Kalooki Nights
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  • What, even my entirely irreligious God-hating top-to-bottom secularized new-Jew-seeking dad who would have doubled my pocket money had I told him I was going out with shikseh triplets? Kalooki Nights
  • When Tsedraiter Ike cautioned me against marrying a shikseh, any shikseh, because she was certain one day to call me dirty Jew, he was acknowledging the authority vested in both words. Kalooki Nights
  • One on discovering his son was sleeping with a shikseh. Kalooki Nights
  • She was a perfect example of the self-hating shikseh. Kalooki Nights
  • “Absolutely—let's show this shikse what real New York deli food is like!” With Ann Coulter on the Jewish Conversion Tour
  • But I accept that even when the charge is enticement, the enticed party, like the insulted shikseh, is free to get up and walk into another room. Kalooki Nights
  • What, with the reflection of some gullible shikseh already burned in? Kalooki Nights
  • She's been on several times...probably because she's the only religious shikse Paikin knows. It’s not me, it’s you.
  • Especially odd if that were the case is his relationship with Courtney Starsmore, who, much as I love her, is still a shikseh. Top Five Jewish Superheroes | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources
  • Uh…interesting sentiments from a bitter shikse in The Daily Northwestern. Stress of being a ‘goylfriend’ tough to bear | Jewschool
  • And I do know what a shikse is or I wouldn't have said it. Latest Articles
  • There is a potency in the idea of the shikseh that is hard to throw off, no matter however many of them you fall in love with. Kalooki Nights
  • The story of a shikse (a word I'd never heard and thus had no idea was derogatory) from a small New England town, taken in, hoodwinked, and swindled blind by such skillful means as she never dreamt existed. HUMORLESSBITCH
  • … So: dusk in the frozen lake of a city park, skating behind the puffy red earmuffs and the fluttering yellow ringlets of a strange shikse teaches me the meaning of the word longing… Forgive me luxuriating, but these are probably the most poignant hours of my life I'm talking about. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

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