[ US /ˈʃit/ ]
[ UK /ʃˈiːt/ ]
  1. (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind
  2. paper used for writing or printing
  3. a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel
  4. bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs
  5. a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
  6. newspaper with half-size pages
  7. (mathematics) an unbounded two-dimensional shape
    any line joining two points on a plane lies wholly on that plane
    we will refer to the plane of the graph as the X-Y plane
  8. any broad thin expanse or surface
    a sheet of ice
  1. cover with a sheet, as if by wrapping
    sheet the body
  2. come down as if in sheets
    The rain was sheeting down during the monsoon
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How To Use sheet In A Sentence

  • He specialized in moonlit and winter scenes, usually including a sheet of water and sometimes also involving the light of a fire, and he also painted sunsets and views at dawn or twilight.
  • As a young man he wrote words to popular folk airs and had them printed as broadsheets.
  • Instead, the thin sandy developments defining the sequence boundaries suggest sandy sabkhas and sand sheets supplied by this undersaturated wind system and only preserved as a consequence of renewed lake-level rise.
  • Carefully, she moved a hand forward and eased back the white sheets.
  • The blacksmith pounded an iron sheet out to a wash-basin.
  • If you are to have any chance of success, you need to pore over balance sheets, crunch the right numbers and keep abreast of company news. Times, Sunday Times
  • Made chiefly from riveted stainless steel and copper sheeting, these free-standing works are occasionally complemented with wood.
  • The 62 million consideration will bolster the strength of the balance sheet and free capital for expenditure on the branded goods. Times, Sunday Times
  • In addition to the usual bug fixes, the update is said to add not only a web browser and an email program, but a word processor and a spreadsheet.
  • A thin sheet of tissue with 1 or more holes in it called the hymen partially covers the opening of the vagina.
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