How To Use Shaving cream In A Sentence

  • Unfortunately, this isn't very much shaving cream.
  • He, along with several other employees, collected beef jerky, gum, shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant, bug spray, sunscreen, DVDs and CDs.
  • Behind them stood deodorant, shaving cream, mouthwash and aftershave, each with the label facing front, each item about one inch from its neighbor, soldiers at attention. Double Dealer: Crime Scene Investigation
  • The shaving cream lathered
  • There was a blob of shaving cream on his eyebrow. Christianity Today
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  • The Art of Shaving's full size kit with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, badger hair brush and after-shave balm promises optimal results (read: no ingrown hairs or razor burn). 5 Last Minute Father's Day Deals - The Consumerist
  • Yet they are at risk from the unregulated formulations in shaving creams, aftershaves, and deodorants. Marcia G. Yerman: What Price Beauty? New Legislation Seeks Safety Regulations
  • Once more put the shaver away in its designated place, wedged between a tall bottle of cologne and a can of shaving cream.
  • I can do without that awesome Kiehl's body wash, the shaving cream with benzocaine in it, sugar cereals, those linen shirts I've been craving, Coke, American Crew Fiber hair stuff, the cell phone, Chelsea Piers and tuna. 7/3/02 There is a Heat
  • Shaving cream creates a lubricated environment for the razor, preventing cuts and leaving skin silky smooth.
  • A good shaving cream or bath lotion will protect your skin from razor burn.
  • Just as, if you think about it, those shaving cream pies "awarded" to the unsuspecting face of game MVPs might one of these days result in some poor shnook winging up on the disabled list after getting poked in the eye. Billy Altman: Jim Joyce Gets Call Wrong, Life Right: I'll Take it
  • The getter collects all the materials needed for the activity, which include shaving cream, 2 paper towels, and a penny.
  • The mixture should be slightly glossy and have the texture of shaving cream. Times, Sunday Times
  • Body paint, centauric transformation, and a resurrection in shaving cream. Of montreal at showbox sodo | Seattle Metblogs
  • Olive oil is actually wonderful for your skin in general and, when used in place of shaving cream, can provide you with a much closer shave.
  • There was a blob of shaving cream on his eyebrow. Christianity Today
  • Leave hard-to-shave spots, like knees and ankles, until the end so they soak up as much shaving cream as possible.
  • In the collapsed wreckage of the outhouse he finds a naked little boy covered in shaving cream who calls him "Mommy. In honor of the date: 6/6/6 - Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead
  • Beth almost wished she could find that culture and live the rest of her days without worrying about blunt razors or empty shaving cream canisters.
  • She tests every color on her face, with the joy of self-transformation shared by anyone who has ever put on a mask, makeup or shaving cream.
  • There was a blob of shaving cream on his eyebrow. Christianity Today
  • The girls' version adds a nail file, moisturiser, cotton buds and pads, and eye make-up remover, while the boys get a disposable razor, shaving cream, aftershave and hair gel.
  • Most shaving creams contain a little moisturiser, but if a man needs to improve the general condition of his skin, then he should use an aftershave balm.
  • Instead of shaving cream, use lotion or hair conditioner to shave.
  • Use economy conditioner instead of shaving cream on your legs. Times, Sunday Times
  • She smiled and squirted too much of Andy's shaving cream on her legs.
  • Jim filled his doorway, face half covered in shaving cream, eyebrows creased with concern.
  • The locker rooms include shaving cream, deodorant, powder, blow dryers and lotion.
  • Shaving creams are made up of oils and emollients that help glide the blade across the skin reducing pain and incidents of cutting.
  • After getting covered in shaving cream and stuffed in lockers, it's only fair that Stolhanske gets his moment of vengeance towards his cast members †except against Kevin Heffernan's Lars, because Farva always wins in the end. In Honor Of ‘The Slammin’ Salmon,’ Here Are Five Of Broken Lizard’s Most Underrated Moments » MTV Movies Blog
  • If you must shave, use plenty of shaving cream and a clean razor - dull blades will pull the skin along with the hair, irritating it further.
  • There was a blob of shaving cream on his eyebrow. Christianity Today
  • Lois reached up to remove a bit of shaving cream on his right temple.
  • As close as he is, Rena can smell his skin, with its faint scent of soap and shaving cream.
  • He pulled out his razor and coated his face with shaving cream, preparing to shave, which he really needed to do.
  • If you look at the bag with a transmitted x-ray, you can make out various things - a radio, a shoehorn, shaving cream.
  • But I looked up at him, and caught myself staring at his hands, still lathering and removing excess shaving cream, and preparing his razor to remove it.
  • Use economy conditioner instead of shaving cream on your legs. Times, Sunday Times
  • Choose from the classic Single-blade Razor, Electric Razor, Tweezers or Straight Razor, and use Shaving Cream, Toilet Paper Dots and Hair-Gro Tonic to assist you in your shaving quest.
  • The Web site engages in some silliness at the expense of non-dairy creamers' ingredients, pointing out that sodium caseinate, for instance, is used in making glue, that non-dairy creamer can be flammable, and that some contain cellulose gel and gum, ingredients used in making shampoo and shaving cream. Is that right? La Creme: 100% dairy, 0% shame
  • Besides, you didn't see her topless covered in shaving cream. There Will Always be an England

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