[ UK /ʃˈɑːpnəs/ ]
[ US /ˈʃɑɹpnəs/ ]
  1. thinness of edge or fineness of point
  2. the quality of being keenly and painfully felt
    the sharpness of her loss
  3. a strong odor or taste property
    the pungency of mustard
    the sharpness of strange spices
    the raciness of the wine
    the sulfurous bite of garlic
  4. harshness of manner
  5. the quality of being sharp and clear
  6. a quick and penetrating intelligence
    he argued with great acuteness
    I admired the keenness of his mind
  7. the attribute of urgency in tone of voice
    his voice had an edge to it
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How To Use sharpness In A Sentence

  • You, young man,” she proceeded, addressing Roland Graeme, and at once softening the ironical sharpness of her manner into good-humoured raillery, “you, who are all our male attendance, from our Lord High Chamberlain down to our least galopin, follow us to prepare our court.” The Abbot
  • Someone should snap her up just for the sharpness of her headlines, one-line squibs, and nifty asides.
  • As it was, his expression hardened, the catlike sharpness of his pupils glinting dangerously.
  • Mr. Lockhart shall furnish us with the brightest aspect a British Ferney ever yielded, or is like to yield: and therewith we will quit Abbotsford and the dominant and culminant period of Scott’s life: ‘It was a clear, bright September morning, with a sharpness in the air that doubled the animating influence of the sunshine, and all was in readiness for a grand coursing-match on Newark Hill. Paras. 50-73
  • Today he was wearing a dark jacket with light flannels pressed to knife-edged sharpness. DOUBTFUL MOTIVES
  • His style was a mixture of wit, sharpness and schoolboy sarcasm, with large shots of Wodehouse and Beachcomber.
  • On the basis of this mutual agreement of the two parties, according to which each of them defends only his claims and his cause, renouncing all personal or egoistic considerations, the conflict is fought with unattenuated sharpness, following its own intrinsic logic, and being neither intensified nor moderated by subjective factors. Conflict and The Web of Group-Affiliations
  • How shall you look for wit from him whose leasure and head, assisted with the examination of his eyes, yeeld you no life or sharpnesse in his writing? Less Than Words Can Say, Again « Unknowing
  • There was no doubting his sharpness as he pulled off a string of fine first-half saves. The Sun
  • But the scale and sharpness of the wealth gap presents an inescapable danger.
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