How To Use Sharp-set In A Sentence

  • Shall blunt her sharp-set will, and she shall choose Prometheus Bound
  • When will he appear from the swamp and swallow up her nakedness hungrily, sharp-set, to rid the world of the dirt that we sweep under the carpet to repress.
  • Two or three men in pink, on their way to the meet, drop in, and are very jovial and sharp-set, as indeed we all are. Tom Brown's Schooldays
  • This feed would not only astonish those who talk about a “free breakfast-table,” with its silly slops and bread-stuffs; it would satisfy a sharp-set Two Trips to Gorilla Land and the Cataracts of the Congo
  • But I was wakeful now and my mind was sharp-set on many things. Greenmantle
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  • The blackamoors who had captured the Prince and his Mamelukes set them before the King and said to him, “We found these birds amoung the trees”; and the King was sharp-set; so he took two of the servants and cut their throats and ate them; — And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased to say her permitted say. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • We're modifying our PLoM efforts, the meatpuppet and me, to include some calorie restriction, and preliminary results are that, although we're feeling a bit sharp-set, the current diet seems sustainable as long as the farmer's market produce and tinned soup holds out. Metal heart, you're not hiding
  • Blowitz almost burst into tears of gluttony at the sight of it, and stuffed himself to ecstasy, going into raptures at each arriving course, and reproaching me for my apparent lack of appetite; in fact I was sharp-set, but ate and drank in moderation, for my mind was on the ladies 'sleeping-coach where I supposed la Kralta would be dining in anonymous seclusion; you don't want to be bloated when the charge is sounded. Watershed
  • : And I haven't hunted since we were caught; I suspect I'm pretty sharp-set by now! Elvenblood

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