How To Use Sharp-eyed In A Sentence

  • Little wonder that the petite, sharp-eyed Phoolan, is hurt by comparisons to the avuncular and hirsute Veerappan.
  • Using his feet he scuffed the sand to shape a desperate SOS message which was spotted by a sharp-eyed Coastwatch pilot.
  • The sharp-eyed will notice slight changes to the front bumper, upgraded xenon headlights and a modified rear spoiler.
  • But a sharp-eyed viewer suspected the actress was wearing false lashes to exaggerate the length of eyelid hair produced by the product.
  • Fish life on the wreck is as varied as on any reef and there are numerous exotic finds for sharp-eyed divers.
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  • This parking lot purse thief may be in custody thanks to some sharp-eyed citizens.
  • A sharp-eyed shop assistant spotted the fake.
  • A ,sharp-eyed po'lice officer spotted the stolen car.
  • This sharp-eyed tribeswoman had a point, though.
  • Perhaps the second-hand shops of the north-east could reveal hidden treasure for the sharp-eyed landlord?
  • She was sharp-eyed and even sharper of tongue, but the bond of affection between them was unbreakable.
  • But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.
  • A sharp-eyed shopkeeper, who alerted CCTV operators, was the key to tracing three missing boys.
  • Their sharp-eyed fellow lawyers are able to use this to discern something of their current mental state.
  • On the bottom, a sharp-eyed diver can spot all kinds of strange animals.
  • Sharp-eyed observers often spy the ‘‘Encke gap’’—the thin, minor ring around the outside. Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast – February 26-28, 2010 | Universe Today
  • But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.
  • Maybe they'll get picked up in it, some sharp-eyed patrolman who looked at the hot-car list. WHEN THE SACRED GINMILL CLOSES
  • He called upon Jews to become “deep-chested,” “sturdy,” and “sharp-eyed.” Bloodlust
  • He had a hawkish, sharp-eyed look about him but both he and the other man deferred to Henderson. LOST SUMMER
  • But he pointed out that three burglaries were prevented by sharp-eyed neighbours seeing what was happening.
  • A sharp-eyed reader spotted the mistake in yesterday's paper.
  • But some of these visitors stayed, and seemed very keen listeners to what was said, and sharp-eyed watchers of the people who were there. COUP D'ETAT
  • It isn't about numbers, be they player stats or the staggering sums spent by top-tier franchises, even though the story seems at first to be asking us to root for the gimlet-eyed statistician, rather than the sharp-eyed pitcher or batter; for data, rather than intuition; for the cool satisfactions of science, rather than the fevered romance of sport. 'Moneyball': Stars, Stats and Perfect Pitch
  • Yet, because of its magpie genesis, the new Look was vulnerable to the sharp-eyed but short of cash.
  • in the bar, a youngish, sharp-eyed man was staring moodily into a gin and tonic
  • In fact, politics-phobes have nothing to fear: his act is as full of gleefully silly tomfoolery as it is sharp-eyed insights into the state of the world.
  • It started when a sharp-eyed pedestrian alerted the emergency services after spotting a bag of suspicious-looking white powder in an unlabelled white bag lying in the middle of the roundabout.
  • They rank neither with mortals nor with immortals: long indeed do they live, eating heavenly food and treading the lovely dance among the immortals, and with them the Sileni and the sharp-eyed Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, and Homerica
  • Sharp-eyed observers may notice the addition of one tiny syllable to this site overnight.
  • Haywood said the sharp-eyed inspectors are on the lookout for the slightest deviance from the rules.
  • The process begins with a trip to the bank, where a sharp-eyed analyst will review your finances.
  • The sharp-eyed filmmaker knew exactly what she wanted, then hammered out exactly what she could afford.
  • Thanks to those sharp-eyed readers who correctly ID'd the Mt. Vernon tree as an American elm.
  • Sharp-eyed observers may notice the addition of one tiny syllable to this site overnight.
  • A sharp-eyed secretary noticed the mistake just in time.
  • El conde hovered over his kingdom like an eagle, sharp-eyed and cold, ready to swoop at any moment.
  • A sharp-eyed youngster has found a medieval coin dating back more than 700 years in his school playground.
  • The quiet, sharp-eyed servants had long since been sent to their attic bedchambers for the night to be replaced by the quieter, sharp-eyed mice who rustled the walls and wainscoting. Earl of Durkness
  • A sharp-eyed shop assistant spotted the fake.
  • Look, here is an instruction. " Sharp-eyed Monkey Congcong is the first to find the instruction. Everyone comes around him.
  • Our thanks to sharp-eyed readers who pointed out some errors in recent issues.
  • It isn't difficult to let a sharp-eyed stunt co-ordinator rule the screen.
  • The offending post has been removed, thanks to a sharp-eyed programmer who let us know what had happened.
  • Thanks to those sharp-eyed readers who correctly ID'd the Mt. Vernon tree as an American elm.
  • It's not unreasonable for a sharp-eyed psephologist to have foreseen that Andrew Wilson had pushed that constituency as hard as the SNP could have hoped for in 2003 so the swing was always going to go in Labour's direction in 2007, despite Jamie Hepburn's best efforts. Can you predict elections?
  • I am grateful to all these patient, sharp-eyed colleagues.
  • Dog had been to his house and met his wife, a sharp-eyed, sharp-minded young woman who had smiled and made herself pleasant. THE ONLY GAME
  • The pictures appeared as the result of her discovery by a sharp-eyed prison surgeon in Brixton Jail, where the callipygian captain was temporarily detained a fortnight ago on a charge of bankruptcy.
  • Physically, she brilliantly embodied the shrewd, sharp-eyed, owlish spinster, while also conveying her intuitive acumen and razor-sharp mind.
  • Sharp-eyed students of the weekly drama might also have spotted that he moved three seats along from the traditional leader's corner seat, so he appeared surrounded by colleagues - "doughnutted" as they say - rather than isolated. Archive 2008-01-01
  • He had flown into Orlando International Airport from Dubai on August 4, 2001, but a sharp-eyed customs agent had denied him entry.
  • Family circulars sometimes suggested marital irregularities to sharp-eyed investigators.

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