How To Use Sharecropper In A Sentence

  • Many tenants subrented their farms to sharecroppers or hired others to work for them, so that their economic interests often more closely resembled those of farm owners than farm workers.
  • Born between the early 1890s and the 1930s, all grew up poor, most came from farming families, and many were sharecroppers.
  • Many agricultural workers continue to live the equivalent of an old-South sharecropper existence in tarpaper shacks, plywood shanties and wooden boxcars with no running water.
  • Nick Carr, author of The Big Switch, who has been the most eloquent in articulating the "sharecropper" concern, which Lanier now extends with his "lords of the computing clouds" notion. Freedom Foundation Blog
  • furnish-hand" (more often called a sharecropper) is dependent on the owner for equipment, seed, food -- everything -- and pays one half his crop. VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol IV No 3
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  • You are talking about something you refer to as the sharecropper society and economy. CNN Transcript May 4, 2005
  • In order to demonstrate that the sharecropper is not an employee of Kirk's, the contracts stress that "no partnership, joint venture, co-farming, tenant farming, or other business relationship" has been created. In the Strawberry Fields
  • Four vinyl sides of dishevelled blues'n'soul and country-fried rock'n'roll, the double album was the sound of Keith Richards reborn as a southern sharecropper.
  • DURHAM -- A sharecropper's daughter who came to Durham seeking a better Virginia Lee Williams had no ambitions of becoming a civil rightspioneer. - Business News
  • The music that I grew up listening to was really raw music played by neighbours, fellow farmers and sharecroppers.
  • Like the sharecropper, she persevered in her work against all odds of success.
  • Blacks who owned small farms and also rented or sharecropped were often identified as renters or sharecroppers in the census.
  • Those who farm in the US distance themselves from the term peasant, thinking it connotes a tenant, sharecropper, a small farmer or mere farm worker. Energy Bulletin -
  • Maybe it was that I was raised in a sharecropper's farm or that I never owned anything until I bought that house, but I loved my little home.
  • DURHAM -- A sharecropper's daughter who came to Durham seeking a better life, Virginia Lee Williams had no ambitions of becoming a civil rightspioneer. Observer: Home Page
  • As southern cotton growers reduced production in return for federal payments, sharecroppers and tenant farmers were driven from the land.
  • Readers with a knowledge of the historical literature will find a familiar cast of characters, including growers large and small, tenants and sharecroppers, merchants and ginners, and state and federal officials.
  • We join the story in the Deep South where Carl's father is a hard-bitten sharecropper on a miserable dirt farm, trudging behind a team of mules in the summer swelter, pushing a hand plow.
  • This meant white farm owners were paid to let their land sit idle, often resulting in the eviction of sharecroppers and tenant farmers, a significant number of whom were African American.
  • But there's a limited amount of stuff to harvest, and bringing in more sharecroppers and putting in longer hours isn't really going to pay off.
  • The sharecropper is a straw man, an intermediary, usually a middle-aged farm worker, to whom the grower shifts many of the legal and financial risks. In the Strawberry Fields
  • What Warren Buffett is referring to as a sharecropper economy is here, isn't it? CNN Transcript Mar 11, 2005
  • Until more recently, historical accounts of nonslaveholding whites of the antebellum Southeast have focused heavily on yeomen and sharecroppers.
  • Most Haitians live in rural areas as sharecroppers working infertile land.
  • Until then me and Warren and George will continue to warn about the "sharecropper" society. Up, up, and away...
  • Tractors and harvesters were replacing mules and manual labor, and mechanization was in the process of making black tenant farmers and sharecroppers expendable.
  • In reality slavery did not end untile 1964, the new slave were call sharecropper, Said enough. carlo Senate apologizes for slavery
  • The book opens in 1874 in Delta, Louisiana, on the plantation where Walker's parents were sharecroppers.
  • He taught sharecroppers, worked with the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union, and according to folksinger Lee Hays helped reshape the old gospel tune "I Shall Overcome" into a political anthem. Richard (RJ) Eskow: Rebels And Messiahs: 10 Spiritual Ancestors For Occupy Wall Street
  • What broke the ice, he found, were small workshops where sharecroppers and domestics talked about practical issues that bothered them, brainstormed about what to do, and took steps to do it.
  • There are also 4.8 million landless families who survive as tenant farmers, sharecroppers, and casual laborers.
  • The great mass of nonowning farmers - tenants and sharecroppers - would be infinitely better off.
  • The landlords for whom most of the campesinos work as sharecroppers do not think that peasants should be taught to read, as they may "misinterpret" the one-sided contracts they must sign in order to work. Mutual aid and survival in the mountains of Oaxaca
  • For example, in 1941, the Supreme Court invalidated a California criminal statute aimed at excluding indigent sharecroppers and tenant farmers during the Depression.
  • Many lose their land and must become tenant farmers, sharecroppers, or wage-laborers for the better-off peasants who can afford fertilizers and some machinery.
  • He is currently working on the impact of the agricultural depression on tenants and sharecroppers.
  • Though serfs were freed in 1864, they remained poor sharecroppers and staged a massive peasant uprising in 1907.
  • The large coiled-straw hat forms a spiral pattern above the sharecropper's graying head, a halo earned, but perhaps too little too late.
  • Menagh points to Kipp Nash, a school-bus driver and self-described "sharecropper" in Boulder who farms about a dozen other people's yards. Cornucopia Institute
  • the sharecropper's hardscrabble life
  • And life was almost as bleak for white tenant farmers and sharecroppers as it was for slaves, who often worked alongside them in the fields.
  • Agee refuses to cast his sharecroppers as representatives of a class only, insisting instead on the complex interaction between type and particular individual, between commodity and artifact.
  • A sharecropper is a tenant farmer who is-the system is this: Sharecropper is the -- is the successor system to slavery in the South, basically. The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How it Changed America
  • The Resettlement Administration (RA), which eventually became the Farm Security Administration (FSA), stressed "rural rehabilitation" efforts to improve the lifestyle of sharecroppers, tenants, and very poor landowning farmers, and a program to purchase submarginal land owned by poor farmers and resettle them in group farms on land more suitable for efficient farming. Dust Bowl
  • Given that the book's climax describes a showdown between sharecroppers and planters, one might imagine that class constituted a major fissure in the county's history.
  • His mission was to capture the poverty-stricken lives of rural sharecroppers.
  • First: prohibition of estate owning, distribution of land among the peasant families, the untransferrable and unalterable granting of ownership to all the present small tenant farmers, sharecroppers, agricultural laborers and squatters, state economic and technical aid, reduction of taxes. STATEMENTS BY CASTRO AT PRIME MINISTER OF THE RE
  • Most African Americans in the cotton parishes worked as sharecroppers or tenants, closely supervised by plantation owners or managers.

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