How To Use Shaper In A Sentence

  • Everything you need is included: three sections for rice and other foods, chopsticks, frame to carry it and a belt to keep it closed. bento products with funny English on them like "Syrup o'Clock," then look no further than the White Bear series we restocked today. rice balls with different shapes with this rice shaper that comes with three caps for making different "deco" (decoration) patterns. Anime Nano!
  • I was reminded that in the evangelical community, God is routinely described as a shaper of everyday events. THE IRATE NATION
  • In this paper introduce the calculation method and example of processing the big prime number straight gear apply the method for calculating the logarithm dispart tooth in Y54 gear shaper.
  • I lay the clear onto the silver and marver it into place spreading it across more of the silver if possible. brass Stump Shaper is great for that Two Ingredients = One Gorgeous Reaction...Mini Tutorial for Silver Foil Encased Beads
  • Designing of external gear shaper cutter with large tip relief angle can improve the meshing quality.
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  • I wore my shaper today too, and I feel so beautiful, despite the fact that my skirt and blouse are quite old. Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine
  • The only example worth mentioning is the notion that one of the four lead girls is a board builder (and how many shapers shut off their planers while they leave them resting on a blank?).
  • But shapers are expensive and routers lack the power to cut the profile in one pass.
  • There, also, is God-the Archon-the metapsychic organizing power: the formless shaper of form. In Other Worlds
  • He is an opinion shaper, even if he shapes it by making people disagree with him. Is Donald Trump the first Google trends candidate?
  • Dye also brought in his own shapers and equipment from other jobs to piece the construction of the course together.
  • Living in societies where the clergy were crucial shapers of public opinion, American nationalists adopted the language of millennialism.
  • It has a tummy control "bodyshaper" effect, and drawstrings, so the length of the "skirt" can be adjusted. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph
  • Restoring the heart with the help of a plastic shaper is a new approach to a procedure that has been around for more than 20 years.
  • The Sphinx-shapers may have started with a limestone yardang near the edge of the Giza plateau, El-Baz suggested.
  • The diamonds he watches so closely are not the rocks on the rings of the rich and famous, they are tiny grains of pure carbon coating the blades, polishers and shapers the company produces.
  • Then I feel the stiffness of the glass as I roll it onto my torch mounted marver and later cut into it with my brass Stump Shaper. Chalcedony by Gaffer- Love It!
  • New concepts Playtex Super Look Secrets bodyshaper offers all the control of a corset in a soft, stretchy fabric.
  • A novel all - optical pulse shaper based on nonlinear optical loop mirror is proposed in this letter.
  • Photography was a major carrier and shaper of modernism.
  • And John Culmer Bell looks at the nature of electromagnetic radiation as a shaper of 19th - and 20th - century urban form, provocatively questioning whether sacrificing the pleasures of ‘noctambulism’ simply on environmental grounds is actually a good thing. Ballardian » A Near Future: Nic Clear’s Tribute to JG Ballard
  • The shapers can also record and change the music of other players, such as flautists, clarinettists and oboists.
  • New concepts Playtex Super Look Secrets bodyshaper offers all the control of a corset in a soft, stretchy fabric.
  • This is the original anonymous "girdle" commenter here: one of the ladies brought up the point that she physically felt better today, more held in and such, when she wore her shaper. Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine
  • Looks like she just at a 12 pack of puddin cups! that bodyshaper had her singing notes off, she had to cut that muthaphaka loose.
  • Router bits and shaper cutters are available in several profiles, making it easy to achieve traditional door frame joinery.
  • Tools: marver I prefer a brass Stump Shaper, but any marver will do. Mini Tutorial- Making Mushrooms by Marcy Lamberson
  • On either side, the baked earth is already being formed by shapers into greens and bunkers, and Lewis can barely contain his enthusiasm.
  • This paper describes the tooth forms of an external toothing and chamfering gear shaping cutter and chamfering gear shaper cutters designed by old routine.
  • The diamonds he watches so closely are not the rocks on the rings of the rich and famous, they are tiny grains of pure carbon coating the blades, polishers and shapers the company produces.
  • Scattered across the asphalt like murderer's footprints, puddles of water turn bloody with sunset"), it vanishes when Stewart settles in to show us freelance detective Diane Fletcher using her ability as a "shaper" (someone who can read and experience the emotions of others) to help policeman Rolly French investigate the death of Jonathan Mask. AvaxHome RSS:
  • We usually don't see the workings of the behind-the-scenes handlers and shapers and coaxers and helpers.
  • It possesses masses of import machining centre , turnery centre, Nc hobbing machine, gear shaper , gear grinder , Vacuum ion nitriding technology and advanced assembly flow line.
  • shaper," whose duty it was to shape a glorious deed into more glorious verse. Outlines of English and American Literature : an Introduction to the Chief Writers of England and America, to the Books They Wrote, and to the Times in Which They Lived
  • TAFF (strick struck strangling like aleal lusky Lubliner to merum-ber by the cycl of the cruize who strungled Attahilloupa with what empoisoned El Monte de Zuma and failing wilnaynilnay that he was pallups barn in the minkst of the Krumlin befodt he was pop-soused into the monkst of the vatercan, makes the holypolygon of the emt on the greaseshaper, a little farther, a little soon, a lettera - cettera, oukraydoubray). Finnegans Wake
  • High Schools of the day offered some pretty good metal working programs in classrooms outfitted with lathes, milling machines and shapers.
  • On detailed analysis of the movement model of Horizontal Shaper, simulation software is implemented under OpenGL.
  • This vision of man, the master of his own destinies, the searcher for truth and the shaper of a better life for the only existence that he knows anything about, this reliance of _man upon man_, and without the supposed interference of any god, constitutes atheism in its broadest and true sense. The Necessity of Atheism
  • I saw my obsession for what it was: a shaper, a limiter, an excuse. THE MANANA MAN
  • Only recently have modern humans come to see fire as part of the landscape, as a shaper and maker of life.
  • Set inside the Void, this story follows the life of Edeard, a young 'shaper' whose life is changed forever by a cataclysmic event and he finds his way to the great city of Makkatheren where he enters the service of the constables. Archive 2007-08-01
  • In sensational scenes on 'Comic Relief Does the Apprentice' to be screened tonight, Patsy Palmer is seen attacking Ultimo Lingerie boss Michele Mone, with a DD underwired, padded bodyshaper after the multi-millionaire claimed that even her range of state-of-the-art cleavage-enhancing bras could do nothing for the 'Eastenders' star's 'saggy spaniel's ears' : Spoof News : Front Page
  • They speak of an extreme environment far removed from the daily norm and largely unknown to most architects - those professional shapers of human habitation who have been largely absent in the engineering of South Pole habitats.
  • Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.
  • Because of its longevity as a shaper of the partisan landscape, changes in abortion attitudes are especially portentous. American Grace
  • The Ancient Gods moved across the face of the primeval waters, and from their union and council came the shapers of the universal Mei, who, both together and alone, began the shape of what was to come.
  • To pull off see-through pieces in style, opt for a bodyshaper or a slip in a shade that matches your skin tone. $58 at American Apparel stores and www. Trend Report: Heir transparent
  • Grindingcutter, reamer, disc tool, gear shaper cutter, slide way of machine tool and tool guide.
  • Simply enter your weight and waistline measurements, the body shaper's built-in microprocessor will then automatically calculate and accumulate the burnt out calories.
  • William Paley, CBS, and the story of how TV became both a shaper and creator of politics. The Moguls’ New Clothes
  • So what happens when the opinion shapers - the very origins of mass media and epitome of corporate society - become the target?
  • Shaper garments can provide both discreet and more obvious bulge-taming solutions for trouble prone areas such as tummies, thighs and hips. Ottawa Sun
  • Other Bento Accessories J-List always has fun bento accessories for you, and today we've restocked the Eco Flower Silicon Bento Cup, the "temaki" sushi maker, the alphabet shapers and all-purpose microwave cooker. J-List side blog

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