How To Use Shamefully In A Sentence

  • But above all, Sir Anthony, she should be mistress of orthodoxy, that she might not misspell and mispronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do; and likewise that she might reprehend the true meaning of what she is saying. Tallulah Morehead: Big Brother 12: (Mala)Props to the Houseguests.
  • If only this was just a Shakespearean farce and we could snigger at the gross stupidity of the characters portrayed and their ridiculous masquerades, but shamefully it is real and we are obliged to see it through to the end.
  • They have served me shamefully , ie have treated me very badly.
  • And even though we're shamefully useless at this game, we're inclined to agree.
  • Despite an attitude that considered dancing shamefully unmasculine, Juan was sufficiently motivated by this information to try his best.
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  • An unwanted actor who had been shamefully tossed aside by Hollywood was simply at the mercy of these young hotties.
  • State legislation is shamefully coy when it comes to compo.
  • If you hear any other coach claim his player deserves consideration, you know that coach is shamefully huckstering or making sure his guy gets on an All-American team.
  • I'm an active person butstill I couldn't bear to haul myself out of bed to do star jumps etc at 7 am, so I shamefully missed the first one of the week on Monday. Survival: Morning Bootcamp
  • He's that shamefully honest pal you always wished you had -- a gutsier Will Truman with splashes of Rhoda Morgenstern tossed into a comedic blender set on high. Greg Archer: Mario Cantone on His First San Francisco Stint
  • So now countless English not Welsh, or Scots, or Irish dead patriots are, on body snatcher Harman's orders, shamefully exhumed and 'compacted', i.e. dumped into a large grinding machine, where they are tumbled around and ground into pellets the size of rabbit droppings. Shaping Harriet Harman's Radical Realism to Face the Challenges of the Future...Blah...Blah
  • There are builders who sugarcoat their proposals with big-name architects, irresistible bait in a city that shamefully settles for the ordinary.
  • The Demoiselle, keeping her carriage, is for Liberty indeed, as she has full well shewn; but then for Liberty with Respectability: whereupon these serpent-haired Extreme She-Patriots now do fasten on her, tatter her, shamefully fustigate her, in their shameful way; almost fling her into the Garden-ponds, had not help intervened. The French Revolution
  • Although best watched when insensible with drink, The Adventures Of Grey Boab is as shamefully hypnotic as a car crash.
  • Now, worthy sirs, we next find our poor fellow citizen environed by a set of revellers and maskers who had assembled in the High Street, by whom he was shamefully ill treated, being compelled to kneel down in the street, and there to quaff huge quantities of liquor against his inclination, until at length he escaped from them by flight. The Fair Maid of Perth
  • It is perfectly practical for steam, when it shall possess a respectable mechanical adaptation to canal duty; that is, when it shall not be so shamefully profligate in expenditures of power -- _to double the average speed of horses, or lessen the general average of ten days on the canal to five days_, of which the down trips may overrun and the up trips fall short, as with horse average. History of Steam on the Erie Canal
  • The porn industry might be a dirty filthy shamefully-run machine, but aren't most entertainment industries?
  • I'll shamefully admit to letting my costco membership lapse a couple of years back. Shopping at Costco just got even more awesome
  • Personally, I think the article is shamefully biased as a piece of journalism.
  • He said the biggest obstacle to a Yes vote was the Government, whose track record of deceit, and duplicity had now been shamefully exposed.
  • North American lefties will rush to the defence of any artist or academic threatened with "censorship" by religious groups - well, Christians, anyway - but, save for a few honorable exceptions, they have been shamefully silent when speech they find remotely disagreeable is threatened. Daimnation!: Leftists aren't "liberals" It may
  • The church of Elgin had, in the intestine tumults of the barbarous ages, been laid waste by the irruption of a highland chief, whom the bishop had offended; but it was gradually restored to the state, of which the traces may be now discerned, and was at last not destroyed by the tumultuous violence of Knox, but more shamefully suffered to dilapidate by deliberate robbery and frigid indifference. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
  • But he's going to do it shamefully and in full recognisance that he's basically shirking his intellectual responsibilities to the world.
  • I see your compliance to publishing this man's diary as completely inappropriate, not to say shamefully one-sided and deeply biased.
  • And rather than make the Cat an original presence and his own, he shamefully resorts to using voices from his previous screen incarnations.
  • I will strip her, and so expose her to cold, and expose her to shame; and justly is she exposed to shame that did shamefully, v. 5. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)
  • His attempts to capitalise on a new film of the libel trial by embarking on a lecture tour are as shamefully opportunistic as they are pointless. Times, Sunday Times
  • Small wonder that sometimes patients slip through the net of care and are shamefully neglected.
  • The mayor has likened Montreal to a bombed-out city, claiming parking lots ‘shamefully disfigure’ the city's downtown core.
  • To my horror, Tulsi Pipe Road was now shamefully dug up, its bowels exposed and the entrails left lying on one side for the world to see.
  • The dealers profited shamefully at the expense of my family.
  • Our imperial past is now regarded rather shamefully. Times, Sunday Times
  • The previously undomesticated boy quickly realizes that half-measures like hastily buying his little cousin a pre-packaged lunch at a convenience store on the way to kindergarten can have traumatic consequences in a milieu where bringing in an amateurish or non-homemade bento is perceived as a symptom of a shamefully inadequate family. Daddies dearest
  • Indians had been shamefully treated, and they remained victims of threats, bribery, and fraud.
  • What we once enjoyed and maybe even defended against less confused peers can sometimes emerge from the time-fog as a shamefully regrettable “phase” that etches an embarrassing low-water mark for all films (or romances) to follow. Top 10 Classic Movies That Got it Wrong » Scene-Stealers
  • Shamefully, a large chunk of French and German spending on education is a form of tied aid that enables the children of the elite in poor countries to study at European universities.
  • His attempts to capitalise on a new film of the libel trial by embarking on a lecture tour are as shamefully opportunistic as they are pointless. Times, Sunday Times
  • There, in front of the people they have treated so shamefully, we can settle whether or not "De Klerk is 'n skelm". ANC Daily News Briefing
  • They stand next to some council flats now looking shamefully in need of care and attention next to their spanking new neighbours.
  • Impunity hardens sinners in impiety, and the patience of God is shamefully abused by many who, instead of being led by it to repentance, are confirmed by it in their impenitence. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)
  • Tod Thank you for the critique on my writing skills or lack of them, which I shamefully admit is a weak point, I have to admit to being more interested in substance over presentation, but the fact that you have responded to my critique of you, leads me to believe that you understand my poor grammar just fine. Child Abuse Alert
  • They were shamefully treated; and it is recorded that the Oxford scholars hissed and howled and groaned, and misconducted themselves in an anything but a scholarly way. A Child's History of England
  • Our imperial past is now regarded rather shamefully. Times, Sunday Times
  • Fare more deintie, the Buildyng more gorgeous, thenhabitours ouer all became milder and wittier, shaking of (euen of their owne accorde) the bruteshe outrages and stearne dealinges, that shamefully mought be spoken of. The Fardle of Facions, conteining the aunciente maners, customes and lawes, of the peoples enhabiting the two partes of the earth, called Affricke and Asie
  • Tourists intent on bartering can be hugely insensitive to the fact that the locals they are hammering down to a bargain price may be incredibly poor and the sums involved shamefully petty by our standards.
  • He whispers the word ‘artist’ almost shamefully, with the accent of a theatrical luvvie.
  • A general idea of the "Exercises" may best be gained from Diertins's summary: After setting forth the end for which God created man and all other things, the book, ever considering this truth as the first foundation, leads us in a short time by the way known as the purgative way to acknowledge the ugliness of the sins which have caused us to stray shamefully from the end, and to cleanse our souls from sin. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon
  • Also, her older sister drilled her mercilessly every day in martial arts, saying that both of them had gotten shamefully out of shape and needed practice.
  • Both shamefully used social division to their electoral advantage pursuing a governing style which corrodes probity and accountability.
  • I'm writing to say by god I agree with everything Former President Clinton said about how he was abandoned by flunky politicians, and that my blood also rises when I remember how shamefully he was treated - and not only him but also anyone he would want to protect were the prey of a lizard-like yet vicious pleasure the Republicans and gradually more Democrats took in diminishing him. Bill Clinton: 'The president needs your help'
  • I can't say anything about these as I shamefully ignored them completely in favour of an orgy of consumerist spending on clothes.
  • The government's hateful message to migrants and refugees contrasts shamefully with its attitude to the oil companies.
  • Many unburdened themselves in juvenile memoirs or drawings which have been shamefully neglected until recently.
  • Assume the past resembles the simple patterns and clear verities of myth and the stories we write and call history will be woefully incomplete, hopelessly simplistic, and shamefully neglectful of others who were there.
  • I'm going to forward the link to my vegetarian mate J who, like most vegetarians I know, is pasty and feeble-looking and needs desperately to sink his shamefully underutilised, omnivorous gnashers into a fat, bloody steak.
  • Most shamefully of all, she hid behind the tragic parents of the girl, who she exploited.

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