How To Use Shakiness In A Sentence

  • Problem would seem to be Win7RC shakiness, which is fine: it's an RC, after all .. tdaxp
  • Many of the unpleasant side effects of the immunosuppressant drugs - such as shakiness, sleeplessness and a burning sensation in the feet - have declined, she said. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:Today's Headlines
  • Trying to control the shakiness of my voice, I asked for the Center on Sexuality and Disability.
  • It has grown to become one of the great weird voices, up there with those of Neil Young and Little Jimmy Scott, its shakiness having evolved into style.
  • Following reduction or cessation of use, severe intermittent symptoms of palpitations, sweating, shakiness and insomnia were alleged starting in 1989 and lasting for 2-3 years, thus outside any relevant period of cover.
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  • ‘You're lying,’ she said, responding to the shakiness of his voice.
  • A look on my stats a while ago about last year showed ITN searching for "Gordon Brown Parkinsons"... the shakiness could be a hint? Malicious narrative on Brown's health (and hair)
  • The US assessment may turn out to be over-optimistic, given the Taliban's ability in the past to mount surprise attacks, the corruption in the Afghanistan government, the shakiness of Afghan army and police forces, and the double-games played by the Pakistan intelligence services. Afghanistan withdrawal: Barack Obama says 33,000 troops will leave next year
  • On the downside, it can cause sleeplessness, nervousness and shakiness in people whose bodies do not respond well to it.
  • Growing horror and, in media organisations, shakiness: schedules rebuilt, anchormen hauled in, greed for pictures, frustration. Times, Sunday Times
  • the shakiness of the present regime
  • He had then developed, or said he had developed, severe cinchonism, which was a peculiar condition inasmuch as any doctor consulted had only the patient’s word for the symptoms experienced — blindness, shakiness, headache, congestion of the middle ear. The Fashion in Shrouds
  • Trying to control the shakiness of my voice, I asked for the Center on Sexuality and Disability.
  • Early signs and symptoms include sweating, shakiness, weakness, hunger, dizziness and nausea.
  • He nodded and kept going, even as it passed through him that he was being rude, that at the very least he should thank her, and for his own shakiness eat a bit of her cheese and fruit. Three Stages of Amazement
  • Steve Kean's side were, if anything, likelier to score than the hosts, if only because of Manuel Almunia's shakiness in goal. Arsène Wenger considers options after Arsenal draw with Blackburn
  • Because recently i've made another DVD using FAVC with full-d1 and it turns out that the result is shaky and i thought this is caused by choosing half-d1 (Please read my first post since i've explained a lot about the 'shakiness' there if you haven't). Forum
  • They're the other side of that twisty-twiny, inside-out, upside-down shakiness that turned the attic into the tower. The House of Arden
  • When I view my own conversions on my standalone hooked up to my TV set I never see that "shakiness". Forum
  • As an ex-Chief of Defence he had probably experienced at first hand the shakiness of our strategic policy foundations.

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