How To Use Shakespearian In A Sentence

  • The insertion of songs taken from 60s and 70s musical adaptations of the play turns the production into somewhat of a Shakespearian musical-comedy.
  • The rationale for the over-the-top mis-emphasis is clearly that the stage and auditorium are large, needing to be filled, and that the audience is liable to be unversed in Shakespearian language.
  • In the 1900s, Cons began staging Shakespearian scenes during concert interludes.
  • Maturin's version of the Shakespearian romance plot encodes family secrets.
  • The Tempest may be in typically oblique Shakespearian fashion a salute to the groundlings.
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  • Shakespearian textual critics are primarily interested in the nature of the lost manuscripts that served as printers' copy for the early quartos and folios.
  • So playing a Shakespearian character isn't too different, he tells Nick Curtis
  • Members of Atkins's audience fainted as a result of his attempt to stage the Shakespearian original as faithfully as possible.
  • As an undergraduate in wartime Oxford he played Angelo in Measure for Measure and in 1951 excited Stratford audiences as Prince Hal and Henry V in the Shakespearian tetralogy.
  • Then, it becomes like a Shakespearian play where the motives of the characters are visible to members of the audience, but the characters themselves remain oblivious to their unconscious motives that propel them along. Douglas LaBier: When Psychotherapists Fail to Help: Here's Why
  • Many Shakespearian tragedies are about conflicting family loyalties or a character seeking to punish others for the wrongful death of a loved one.
  • They could eat roast beef, drink warm cloudy beer, recite Shakespearian love sonnets, and perhaps even do a bit of morris dancing.
  • There are no subtleties, there is little light and shade and the long speeches are delivered as tirades rather than thoughtful Shakespearian soliloquies.
  • When you think of a Shakespearian play, most conjure up memories of high school productions, period costumes and long and flowery speeches in an outdated and hard to understand language.
  • _Reasonableness_, instead of French _ivresse_, or even Shakespearian The Crown of Wild Olive also Munera Pulveris; Pre-Raphaelitism; Aratra Pentelici; The Ethics of the Dust; Fiction, Fair and Foul; The Elements of Drawing
  • Those weren't the first times I "bowdlerized" -- some might say, butchered -- a classic text the term comes from the knuckleheaded 19th century Shakespearian censor Thomas Bowdler. Trey Ellis: Censoring Huck Ain't So Simple
  • He has no superior as a Shakespearian actor.
  • As the Van Doren family play their favourite parlour game - trading Shakespearian quotes across the dinner table - an arriviste young lawyer watches, open-mouthed and clearly intimidated.
  • Some of these were of the old-fashioned, classic type, and others new examples of a national architecture seeking to find itself, -- white and yellow colonial, roughcast modifications of the Shakespearian period, and nondescript mixtures of cobblestones and shingles. Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Winston Churchill
  • The Shakespearian gibes are by far the most creative.
  • An audience that picked up none of the Shakespearian echoes and transpositions would still have a very entertaining - and moving - evening.
  • While in no degree Shakespearian echoes, there are epithalamia and dirges of his that might properly have fallen from the lips of Posthumus in "Cymbeline. Ponkapog Papers.
  • Despite the undeniable influence of earlier models, Shakespearian comedy represents a distinctive dramatic category.
  • In Shakespearian tragedy, hypocrisy is not only a poison in itself but the cause of ever greater destruction.
  • The entries of Shakespearian texts in the Stationers' Register chronicle the publishing fortunes of his poems, individual plays, and the four folios from the 1590s to the Restoration.
  • He has no superior as a Shakespearian actor.
  • The term romantic is here used in a technical sense; that is, to distinguish the Shakespearian from the Classic Drama. Shakespeare His Life Art And Characters
  • After war service he co-directed with Olivier four fabled repertory seasons by the Old Vic Company in the West End: his great Shakespearian creation was Falstaff in both parts of Henry IV.
  • The simple ironic reading is based on the assumption that the high Shakespearian allusions are really inapposite.
  • This Irish-born actor, director, and playwright is best known for his adaptations of Shakespearian plays. Five People Born on December 10 | myFiveBest

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