[ UK /ʃˈe‍ɪk/ ]
[ US /ˈʃeɪk/ ]
  1. bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking
    He was shaken from his dreams
    shake the salt out of the salt shaker
  2. undermine or cause to waver
    The bad news shook her hopes
    my faith has been shaken
  3. move back and forth or sideways
    She rocked back and forth on her feet
    the ship was rocking
    the tall building swayed
  4. stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of
    the civil war shook the country
    These stories shook the community
  5. shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively
    The old engine was juddering
  6. move or cause to move back and forth
    The chemist shook the flask vigorously
    My hands were shaking
  7. shake (a body part) to communicate a greeting, feeling, or cognitive state
    She shook her finger at the naughty students
    shake one's head
    The old enemies shook hands
    Don't shake your fist at me!
  8. get rid of
    I couldn't shake the car that was following me
  9. move with or as if with a tremor
    his hands shook
  1. frothy drink of milk and flavoring and sometimes fruit or ice cream
  2. a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it
  3. building material used as siding or roofing
  4. causing to move repeatedly from side to side
  5. grasping and shaking a person's hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract)
  6. a reflex motion caused by cold or fear or excitement
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How To Use shake In A Sentence

  • By the time harmony was a few centuries old, it began to shiver and shake from them.
  • Hopefully, North Norfolk will soon shake off this surreal obsession with the Lib Dems and embrace their NE Cambs neighbour's decent Tory stance. Will Iain Dale have to repay the donations ?
  • Shake them to bits and you are destroying more than property. Times, Sunday Times
  • Back in our world, custom has perhaps staled Shakespeare's infinite variety a bit.
  • Race your mate and shake your coconut down through the palm tree!
  • Rinse the beans in a colander, shake dry and add to the pan. Times, Sunday Times
  • We may reasonably shake our heads at these romantic resolves. Times, Sunday Times
  • Shakedown analysis is a method which can be used to research the elastoplastic behavior of a structure under variable repeated loads that exceed the structure′s elastic limit load.
  • He said it was because he was paid to sit around and drink milkshakes all day.
  • Gadafy's striking non-endorsement of the Democratic candidate focused in part on Obama's pledge of "unshakeable" support for Israel, which caused dismay, if not surprise, across the Arab and Muslim worlds last week. Obama Taking Over Democratic National Committee Partly To Avoid Kerry's Fate
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