How To Use Sezession In A Sentence

  • We recently covered the application of Jugendstil (sometimes also called Sezession) style motifs to church vestments, but the style's most permanent monuments lie in its architecture, in the work of men such as Otto Wagner and his colleagues and disciples, as well as his sometime collaborator, the decorative artist Koloman Moser. Otto Wagner and His School
  • The abstraction of the Sezession in Vienna, Mackintosh in Glasgow, or Art Deco in America, especially when they were linked, often quite successfully, to more historicizing tendencies such as Byzantine revival or neo-Gothicism, suggest crucial approaches for successful stylistic simplification in an age of high building costs and scarce craftsmen. The Other Modern: An Introduction
  • Initially influenced by Cubist and Futurist conceptions of space and dynamics, he joined the avant-garde, exhibiting with the Berlin Sezession in 1914.
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