How To Use Sexual union In A Sentence

  • Even the Canonists themselves were never able to put forward any coherent and consistent ground for the indissolubility of matrimony which could commend itself rationally, while Luther and Milton and Wilhelm von Humboldt, who maintained the religious and sacred nature of sexual union -- though they were cautious about using the term sacrament on account of its ecclesiastical implications -- so far from believing that its sanctity involved indissolubility, argued in the reverse sense. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 Sex in Relation to Society
  • But a small, growing school of Catholic intellectuals argue that natural theology actually supports the morality of homosexual unions.
  • Indeed, Gaskin instructed men to approach sexual union as an act of "renunciation" in which they should "go right up to a real-life climax and hang there for a long time" without ejaculating, in order that their partner might experience orgasm. Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83
  • It seems to me that the debate about gay marriage has been framed in two extremes: either you must accept homosexual unions as *exactly the same as heterosexual marriage* (the liberal position), or rail on about the Evil of the Gay Agenda (the conservative position). New Jersey, Being Subtle « Whatever
  • My analysis of the particular qualities of the institution shows that it may well extend to cover a homosexual union.
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  • This fond affection of clever women for fools can be explained only by the law of unlikeness which mostly governs sexual unions in physical matters; and its appearance in the story gives novelty and point. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • Unless the religious statement here has recourse to what is put by analytic investigation, to what, n in sexual union is represented by the maternal pole.
  • The froideur of their sexual union is the crucible for an intense, devastating story of non - communication, unvoiced desires and pitiful vulnerability.
  • Usually the sexual union has already occurred, and oftentimes cohabitation, with its disappointments and indignities, is in full swing. The Wedding Merchants
  • My analysis of the particular qualities of the institution shows that it may well extend to cover a homosexual union.
  • But some clergy had questioned whether church ceremonies - and the term matrimony - should be reserved for heterosexual unions. Latest Articles
  • So his position is arguably one of fideism regarding his church's official teaching on homosexual unions - which I do not feel entirely comfortable with.
  • Instances are not unknown, when all is said and done, of apostatic sexual union not only not diminishing Judaism but actually enhancing it. Kalooki Nights
  • Like Roberts, Barker propels us into the embodied life of ritual and, again like the mystics, analogises God's love for humanity as a sexual union.
  • It is as though all traces of eroticism have been whitewashed out of the movie's principal heterosexual union.
  • In the mythologies that have come down to us, many cultures express this as a sexual union.
  • Augustine did not accept the old notions, popular among gnostic sects of the second century, that the Fall consisted in the serpent's seduction of Eve or that Adam and Eve fell by having sexual union before the proper time.
  • In both sexual union is easily followed by reproduction, and future heterosexual coupling is envisaged as fertile.

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