How To Use Sexton In A Sentence

  • But Sexton found Nicks for an easy 31-yard score on fourth down with 4: 11 left to seal it, and Nicks set the receiving record with a 22-yard catch a little later from T.J. Yates, making his first appearance in relief from a broken ankle suffered in September against Virginia Tech. Newspaper Home Delivery - Subscribe Today
  • So many of the men who turned to undertaking were sextons, or carpenters, or liverymen. NO BODY
  • Clemence Malyn was deposed from her office of sub-prioress and sextoness on account of the careless manner in which she had performed the duties of these offices, and she also, in answer to questions asked by the vicar-general, acknowledged that she had frequently hidden a key of the abbey church in a hole so that a certain Richard Johans might find it and enter the church, and might drink in the sacristy wine with which she provided him, though she denied having ever drunk with him or otherwise misconducted herself. Bell's Cathedrals: A Short Account of Romsey Abbey A Description of the Fabric and Notes on the History of the Convent of Ss. Mary & Ethelfleda
  • Because I've been talking with George Mann all week about the roots of pulps, gaslit alleys, steampunk, Sexton Blake, masked avengers, and all that goodness. Sax Rohmer # 1
  • The Kildare keeper saved well and Sexton flung himself through the air but could not direct the ball into the net as the clock ran out on Down's challenge.
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  • Marriage, however, could be tough: a parson visiting Ellerburn encountered the clerk and the sexton watching a husband and wife fight.
  • After half an hour or so a sexton will bustle in to prepare for Mass, and Nora will rouse herself and peek outside.
  • In a small dome-like cavity, hollowed out of the roof of this passage, hung a large bell; and in a cell opening from the side of the passage immediately beneath the dome, dwelt an old nun, who, for some dreadful misdeed committed in her youth, had voluntarily consigned herself to the convent of the Carmelites, and, having passed through the ordeal of the chamber of penitence, had accepted the office of sextoness in that department of the establishment. Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
  • By great good luck my sexton had about him his own short black dudheen, which accordingly the Minstrel filled and fired. The Cornwall Coast
  • After his enforced retirement from the army, Gillray's father became a sexton for the Moravians, a fundamentalist Christian sect of Bohemian origin.
  • Paul Revere tells Johnny to tell Robert Newman, the sexton at Christ's Church, to hang two lanterns.
  • While auditing a class taught by Robert Lowell at Boston University, Sylvia met another poet hell-bent on suicide, Anne Sexton.
  • Team theatre doing their thang at the 'tec (cavan vocational school) in 1986, with questions from audience including tec students .. aaron binchy, enda sullivan and dolores leddy. also see in the footage .. connor mcgowan, trevor cowan, fintan briody, martin egan, gerard sexton, paul casey, felim reilly, and loads more ... pt 2 to follow. - Articles related to Socially responsible art? It doesn't have to send you to sleep
  • The apparitor general, two sextons, two virgers, and eight beadsmen, walked before the King (as on ipreat occasions they usually do before the Bishop); the Lord in waiting (Earl of Oxford) on the KingV right hand, and the Bishop in his lawn on the left. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer ...
  • The sexton at Skien, who helped in the lessons, described the poet afterwards as "a quiet boy with a pair of wonderful eyes, but with no sort of cleverness except an unusual gift for drawing. Henrik Ibsen
  • Godparents would bring gifts for the child, and, in the past, for the mother and the church sexton, who would ring the church bells to mark the occasion.
  • The city appointed a sexton to oversee burials and set rates at six dollars for a coffin and hearse and four dollars to dig the grave.
  • Why, e'en so: and now my Lady Worm's; chapless, and knocked about the mazard with a sexton's spade: here's fine revolution, an we had the trick to see't. Hamlet
  • Whereas for an early confessionalist like Sexton, mental illness had its objective reality, for Graham schizophrenia is inherent in language itself. Anis Shivani: Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities: What it Takes to Ascend to the Poet Laureateship
  • “Ms. Sexton,” he said, his expression perplexed and troubled. Deception Point
  • There are also humble sextons like Heidegger's father; heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
  • I went round to the vestry and was delighted to see the sexton.
  • The combat had ceased above, but the flames had increased in the well to such an extent that the marquis was compelled to beat a rapid retreat toward the chamber of penitence, whither the old sextoness had already fled. Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
  • Why, e'en so: and now my Lady Worm's; chapless, and knocked about the mazzard with a sexton's spade: here's fine revolution, an we had the trick to see't. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  • The sexton had the task of digging the grave in the churchyard.
  • Why, e'en so: and now my lady Worm's; chapless, and knock'd about the mazzard with a sexton's spade: Here's fine revolution, & n we had the trick to see't. The plays of William Shakespeare. In fifteen volumes. With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators
  • His father Friedrich was the cellarman and sexton of the local church.
  • I had just begun to draw a whole line of monkeys sitting on another wall, when the church sexton rode up on a motorcycle and introduced himself.
  • Mayobridge spurned another goal chance on the seventh minute when a beautifully placed high ball from Benny Coulter fell to Ronan Sexton.
  • Sexton said 12,000 to 14,000 cubic yards of material would be placed on the track during the project.
  • Joe Bleddon, the church sexton, pulled his kitchen door open and stepped outside to see what the weather was doing.
  • ‘No, no! Who should we bury, Sir?’ returned the sexton. ‘Aye, who indeed! I say with you, who indeed!’
  • Why, e’en so, and now my Lady Worm’s; chapless, and knocked about the mazzard with a sexton’s spade. Act V. Scene I. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  • The silence was often broken by the sexton coming to check the heating, or just popping in for a gossip, always accompanied by Lassie - the result of a moment's acrobatic limbo-passion between a local sheepdog and a Jack Russell.
  • This bestiary is included in the second section of 45 Mercy Street, first published in 1976, two years after Sexton’s suicide. Bestiary U.S.A. : Rigoberto González : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation
  • Mrs. Moseley was sextoness to the very new and beautiful church in The Children's Pilgrimage
  • _Annual Register_ for 1759 mentions an extraordinary centenarian sextoness: The Parish Clerk
  • There's the obvious Anglo-Irish confrontations between the half-backs: Eoin Reddan and Johnny Sexton against Youngs and Flood. Leicester's and Leinster's Heineken meeting is a delicious prospect | Eddie Butler
  • He is dressed in black, the only suit of the color in town — if we except that of the sexton, which is known to be an offcast of the Parson's — kerseymere coat, silk breeches and stockings; he has on a three-cornered hat, a fleece-like wig, white bands and black silk gloves. Margaret
  • Almost as important as the domine was the _voorleezer_ or chorister, who was also generally the bell-ringer, sexton, grave-digger, funeral inviter, schoolmaster, and sometimes town clerk. Home Life in Colonial Days
  • And Weider Travel, of Felixstowe, has offered them a place on the cargo ship Sexton.
  • Afterward, when the bells rung to Mattines, the Sexton entring the Church with a light in his hand (where hee beheld a light of greater splendor) and suddenly espied the sumptuous bedde there standing: not only was he smitten into admiration, but hee ranne away also very fearefully. The Decameron
  • Why, e’en so; and now my Lady Worm’s; chapless, and knock’d about the mazzard8 with a sexton’s spade. Act V. Scene I
  • The latest, most anxiety-making defects are in the sexton's cottage in Timolin (in need of re-slating with new lathes) and Kinneagh Church, which urgently needs repointing of the east and west walls at the very least.
  • The energetic chemistry between Power and Sexton drives the play forward as they share moments of love and hate with a fiery passion.
  • The glimpses the little bent, old sextoness got of the young folks, the sense of life going on about her, were as good as a play, to quote her own simile, confided of an evening to Tobias, her great black cat, the only other inmate of the old cottage. The S. W. F. Club
  • As Reverend Dimmesdale leaves his pulpit, the sexton meets him, holding out one of Dimmesdale's black gloves, which was found on the scaffold that morning.
  • Although many of Doyle's paintings depict the comical and amusing characters of his environment, it should be noted that Doyle was an intensely religious person who attended church regularly and served as the sexton of his church.
  • In a few moments the clanging of the bell ceased, for the marquis had discovered the old sextoness in her cell, and compelled her to desist. Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
  • A presentation was made to John Correll, Aghade, to honour the long service of the Correll Family as sextons of All Saints Church, Aghade.
  • kirkyard," and met the sexton, a man of venerable years, who took quite Western Worthies A Gallery of Biographical and Critical Sketches of West of Scotland Celebrities
  • Why, e'en so: and now my Lady Worm's; chapless, and knocked about the mazard with a sexton's spade: here's fine revolution, an we had the trick to see't. Hamlet
  • Language in this poem, as elsewhere in Sexton, pre-exists and dominates the subject.
  • The Sextons dub this syndrome "conspicuous conservation," which is directly diametrical to "conspicuous consumption" -- our current materialistic cultural orientation that contributes mightily to the unsustainable exploitation of the earth's natural resources. Edward Flattau: Conspicuous Conservation
  • Whereas the sexton's son, Heidegger, had decided that the life of philosophy was incompatible with the dogmatic system of the Church, Stein was led by phenomenological study to God.
  • But scarcely had those few individuals effected their retreat in this manner, when a tremendous crash was heard, cries and shrieks of horror and dismay burst from those who had not as yet passed through the opening, and then the roof of the chamber of penitence and all the adjacent cells gave way with a din as of a thousand cannon, burying beneath their weight the sextoness, the five penitents, the inmates of Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
  • Their family was a respected one, the most notable member being their maternal grandfather, Morten Klemetsen, who was a third generation teacher and served also as the sexton in the local church until 1905.
  • This particular city offers access to a very special Underground trip, as the sexton of one of its twohundredsomething Romanic churches was explaining to me right now. Taking Leave
  • gentlefolk" followed Reynolds 'lantern towards the vicarage, and Mr. Thomas Reid, the conservative and melancholic sexton, put out the lights and locked the church doors, muttering a sour laudation of more primitive times, when "the gentlefolk minded their business. A Tale of a Lonely Parish
  • His primary outlet is a Web site called VerumSerum. com, which was co-founded by his friend John Sexton. The Story Behind the Story
  • Chatterton's father had not succeeded to the sextonship, but he was a sub-chanter in Bristol Cathedral, and his house and school in Pile Street were only a few yards from Redcliffe Church. A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century
  • Those were the days of six o'clock closing when the screech of the huge iron cemetery gates could be heard regularly at 6.15 p.m. as they were slammed shut by the sexton on his way home from the pub.
  • Though I recently featured Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton in a Poetry Dispatch, occasionally a critic out there (including my old Yaqui Village friend, Judith Wiker — poet, singer, songwriter, curandera/Eastern healing arts) reminds me: Where are all the women? Carol ann duffy | mrs. rip van winkle & valentine « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground
  • The Scottish Tories have been very diligent sextons in the graveyard of their political hopes.
  • Language in this poem, as elsewhere in Sexton, pre-exists and dominates the subject.
  • The 19 novels on the list represented, Sexton jibed, ‘a curious incident of authors missing’.
  • Mr. Thomas Reid, the sexton, was heard to remark from time to time that he "didn't hold with th'm newfangle fashins in dress;" but he was a regular old conservative, and most people agreed with Mr. Abraham Boosey of the Duke's Head, who had often been to London, and who said she did "look just A one, slap up, she did! A Tale of a Lonely Parish
  • Sexton believed she was not valuable except in her ability to please men and told Orne in her first interview that her only talent might be for prostitution. Sylvia plath & anne sexton | the art & the artists of self destruction no. 1 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground
  • After his enforced retirement from the army, Gillray's father became a sexton for the Moravians, a fundamentalist Christian sect of Bohemian origin.
  • With his fingerpicking and his yodel, Sexton takes us to his roots, to the buried sound of another place.
  • That was indeed the weak point now of all his defences against whatever commands might be put upon him by his master, as we may now call the vampyre, although after all it was but the usual dominion of a strong mind over a weak one, for there was not so much in reality for the sexton to be afraid of as his own guilty conscience dictated to him. Varney the vampire; or, The feast of blood. Volume 3
  • This is the method of descent to this region, for all those who come to this convent either as willing penitents, or who are sent hither against their inclination," returned the sextoness. Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf
  • Sexton's reluctance to conclude her writing on a resounding, authoritative, and thus normative and reassuring note is a sign of refusal to concede to totalization and of a wish to keep multiple interpretive possibilities open.
  • There, Algot, the hunchback sexton, tells Tomas before the service something that has been troubling him about the Gospels: Christ's physical agony could not have been as bad as his own.
  • With his fingerpicking and his yodel, Sexton takes us to his roots, to the buried sound of another place.
  • Sexton had been crutching the car by raising the wheelie bars.
  • In short, what with undertakers, embalmers, joiners, sextons and your damned elegy hawkers, I got not one wink of sleep.

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