How To Use Severn In A Sentence

  • A borough of southwest - central England on the Severn River west - northwest of London.
  • Madame Severnou, whose ear had been closer to the ground than Awolowo's on his pillow, had disappeared. INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS
  • Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…
  • Evidently Severn enjoyed the taste for he kept more of Brown's letters than any other correspondent's (fifty-nine), preserving the earliest, dated January 15, 1821, for nearly sixty years. 2 Only Gladstone, with thirty letters, appears to have been as important a fixture in Severn's personal archive. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • The borough council wants to build the slipway on the Hangings to allow the fire and rescue service to launch its boat into the Avon as near as possible to the junction with the Severn.
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  • He refrained from crossing his letters and rarely wrote up the sides of the sheet, though twice he jokingly interlined a half-sheet upside down ( "heels over head") because Severn had complained of his writing being "too legible. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • The gift comprised other valuable material as well, including Arthur's memoirs, selections from his correspondence with John Ruskin, and letters to Joseph Severn from the Cowden Clarkes, H. Buxton Forman, Fanny Keats de Llanos, Mary Shelley, and Edward Trelawny. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • The hilltop spur has stunning views across the Severn valley.
  • The fast tides and coloured waters of the Severn Estuary pull cod in like bargain hunters to the sales.
  • A line was drawn from Chester down to the Severn estuary, roughly following the English border, but the principality had vanished into the Irish Sea.
  • [Return to the introduction] 18 Additional evidence of a son appears in Severn’s letter to Brown, 19 Sept. 1821, though Sharp excised the passage in his transcription (see Scott 173). New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
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  • In the river valleys Welsh fishermen used coracles until quite recently (there were coracle users on the River Severn until the 1930s).
  • A fractured pipe at a steelworks has leaked 20 tons of oil into the Severn estuary.
  • Five grammes of heroin was recovered when drug squad officers raided the house in Severn Avenue earlier this week.
  • There is still time to catch an exhibition of beautiful and practical baskets and intriguing paper imprints at Brantwood's Severn Studio.
  • Also of interest is a rare crimson damask banyan - an early precursor of the dressing gown - of early 18 th-century silk, worn by Thomas Severne, Gentleman of the Bed Chamber to King William III.
  • [Return to the letter] 9 Kirkup’s portrait drawing of Severn is the frontispiece in Sharp. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • After an hour's steaming they came to a channel between two narrow necks of land through which the tide rushed with the frenzy of the Severn Bore.
  • The river Aven yt is flowed up by the sea into ye Severn and soe up the Aven to the town, Beares shipps and Barges up to the Key, where I saw ye harbour was full of shipps carrying Coales and all sorts of Commodityes to other parts. Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary
  • Built by the widow of Sir William James in 1784, the triangular tower is a memorial to her husband, who fought a battle against pirates in 1755 when he captured Severndroog in India.
  • Gildas 132 describes in florid language the improvements of agriculture, the foreign trade which flowed with every tide into the Thames and the Severn the solid and lofty construction of public and private edifices; he accuses the sinful luxury of the British people; of a people, according to the same writer, ignorant of the most simple arts, and incapable, without the aid of the Romans, of providing walls of stone, or weapons of iron, for the defence of their native land. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Except when engorged by spring meltwater and ice, the Severn River empties serenely into Hudson Bay.
  • The Severn Estuary, where the celebrated naturalist Sir Peter Scott founded Slimbridge, the wildfowl refuge which became one of the world's most famous nature reserves, provides an 86,000-acre feeding ground for wild swans, geese and many thousands of wading birds, such as dunlin, turnstone, oystercatcher and ringed plover, from all over Europe. Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming RSS Newsfeed
  • Experimental Station across the Severn from the Academy until I was twelve years old. Wells, Norman L.
  • Sociables, and about seven Horses, — to cross the Severn, and proceed to Ross, Monmouth and Chepstow, and then wheel round to the right, through Radnor and Brecon, round to the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, and home by Gloucester, &c. Letter 212
  • According to a newspaper report, the first arch spanned the River Severn on 2nd July 1779.
  • And now, my dear Severn, when you have read this rantipole page, walk soberly into your bed-room, put on your night cap, heave a sigh, squeeze a tear out if you can, and lament over my unfortunate, sad, lost state; while I roar with laughter at all wise fellows like yourself. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • Ferries have crossed the River Severn between Newnham and Arlingham since Roman times, but the last boatman packed up in 1947.
  • On a majority of the maps of the sixteenth century there were islands on Mouchoir, and on Silver Banks, where now are rocks "awash;" and the Dutch and the Severn Shoals, which lay to the east, have disappeared. The life of Christopher Columbus: from his own letters and journals and other documents of his time.
  • The river Tern, which flows south from the Weald Moors – an ancient fenland that had been drained by the 18th century – met the Severn at Atcham and backed up across fields into parkland at Attingham. Country diary: Wenlock Edge
  • The journey down wasn't too bad and I only started to notice the traffic as I crossed the Severn Bridge as dawn was breaking.
  • The noble river Severn takes its rise from the Ellennith mountains and falls into the sea a few miles from Gloucester.
  • The Severn Bore is one of Britain's few truly spectacular natural phenomena.
  • If I get up from my office desk and walk across the room I can see in the distance the twin towers of the Severn Bridge spanning the Bristol Channel and behind them the first grey-green tracings of the landscape of Wales.
  • Severn's boarding party found the Lilly L dredging for scallops - but when crew checked the fishing boat's hold, they discovered it had picked up illegal quantities of angler, cuttle and other fish.
  • Roses and cynipid galls occur along the banks of the Severn River above the tree line because of clay deposits, heat, and rafts of vegetation carried north by the river.
  • More striking, however, than Shardlow is Stourport, at the confluence of the Stour with the Severn.
  • With the rise of the kingdom of Mercia further notable foundations were made in the midlands, especially in the Severn valley, while others emerged in the fenlands, such as Peterborough.
  • Barely 1,000 men here still fish for silver eel, with bag-shaped "fyke" nets or old-fashioned traps, and for glass eel with special dip nets - though glass eel fishing, centred on the rivers Severn, Wye and Parrett in the south-west, can be an exceedingly lucrative business. The Guardian World News
  • At the moment crews launch their boat on the public slipway in Tolsey Lane and take it through the lock to reach the Severn.
  • The material's first real trial came in 1779 when an ironmaster named Abraham Darby III completed the world's first iron bridge over the Severn River Gorge near the town of Coalbrookdale in England.
  • [2708] At Barrey, an isle in the Severn mouth, they seem to hear a smith's forge; so at Lipari, and those sulphureous isles, and many such like, which Olaus speaks of in the continent of Scandia, and those northern countries. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • She had once thought those lines referred to the river Axe, the sacred river that ran through the subterranean chambers and caverns and stalactites of the Cheddar gorge, but she now saw that the Alph of Xanadu was the Severn, and that the sunless sea was Coleridge's prophetic vision of the pewter post-nuclear wasteland of this estuary, spreading out westwards in the post-nuclear future towards the metallic fish-free Atlantic. Margaret Drabble | Trespassing
  • We will complete the study on the construction of a Severn Barrage.
  • Thrilling graphics of Sabre Tooth Tigers prowling the Severn Tundra were set alongside piles of bodies accelerating towards the moon extrapolated from the population growth of a small Brazilian village, but no more. Archive 2007-10-21
  • Surrounding this lowlying area are ‘horsts’ of Palaeozoic rocks, and outcrops of Triassic conglomerates that drain into the basins of the Trent, Warwickshire Avon and the Severn.
  • None of the Fort Severn galls issued inhabitants; however, the presence of galls confirms that the species can survive here.
  • The area is drained by several major rivers: the Welland and the Nene which flow north-eastwards to the Wash; the Avon running south-westwards to join the Severn; and the Sence running north to join the Trent.
  • Bristol, with its vital link with Bordeaux, was rapidly becoming the entrepôt of late medieval Severnside; whilst York, Coventry, and especially London were centres of international trade.
  • One major employer we know of resolved to test the commitment of his staff by having them line up by the Severn bridge to sing Men of Harlech. Hugh Muir's Diary
  • West of the Severn valley and the north midland plain is the Welsh Marches, classic hill and vale country with small areas of upland separated by deeply incised valleys.
  • Species found in the meadows include great burnet, meadow foxtail, red fescue, meadow saffron, narrow-leaved water-dropwort, mousetail, and the unusual small-flowered winter-cress on bare banks of the Severn.
  • A Cotswold-Severn tomb is one of the classic sites of British prehistory, and to have an opportunity to excavate one completely was such a treat, and a privilege.
  • He had wanted to take his own life but Severn confiscated a bottle of laudanum, a decision the artist later partially regretted.
  • In recent decades, the Severn has been steadily undercutting the riverside churchyard at Newnham.
  • Hippocampus severnsi is distinguished from congeners in having a combination of: extremely small size (height 13 mm, standard length 15 mm); 12 trunk rings; 27 tail rings; reduced ossification of inferior and ventral trunk ridges; 14 dorsal fin rays; 10 pectoral fin rays; anal fin small or absent; medium length snout which lacks a bulbous tip; raised, angular coronet; single gill opening on midline directly behind coronet supported by raised cleithral bone; scattered tubercles on trunk and tail; predominant colour dark brown (sometimes slightly marbled) with large, bright red patch covering dorsolateral surfaces of trunk rings 1-4; tiny white dots scattered all over; pale posterior section of tail with dark transverse bands. Practical Fishkeeping news (RSS)
  • According to a newspaper report, the first arch spanned the River Severn on 2nd July 1779.
  • These Severn Valley woods have been exploited for timber since Saxon times.
  • Wild reindeer of the Taimyr Peninsula and rational utilization of its resources [Dikiy severnyi olen’Taymyrskogo poluostrova/ratsional’naya utilizatsiya ego resursov]. Climate change and terrestrial wildlife management in the Russian Arctic and sub-Arctic
  • No gross indications of peripheral impairment," Severn replied. WITHOUT REMORSE
  • The police chased the suspect along Severn Avenue.
  • Italy producing fine disciplined rugby, and Wales playing like flounders in the Severn, and at the end a thoroughly-merited win for the Azzurri and a deserved pasting for the Welsh.
  • Severn, is cloath'd from top to bottom with woods, and projecting and retiring from a regular line presents the most inconceivably beautiful variety of light and shade. Letter 212
  • These Severn Valley woods have been exploited for timber since Saxon times.
  • If I get up from my office desk and walk across the room I can see in the distance the twin towers of the Severn Bridge spanning the Bristol Channel and behind them the first grey-green tracings of the landscape of Wales.
  • As these letters show, Brown was an active participant in Severn's career, advising him on prices and patrons, encouraging and applauding him; he was conscious that by comparison with his own dilettante talents, Severn was, like Keats before him, the genuine article, a true creative artist. 32 But if in some ways Severn stood as Brown's proxy for Keats, there was also a genuine sympathy between them. New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn
  • To try to dispiritedly teresa and reluctivity prelude in severn fistulous to preparedness them to the looker that allegiance can demonism horsepond acclivity and demographist are piningable. Rational Review
  • This was the last mill, the brook now wending its way towards the Severn at Minsterworth.
  • In January she had visited Slimbridge, the bird sanctuary on the Severn in Gloucestershire, to witness the famous flights of starlings that swarm there in their tens of thousands before roosting.
  • Today, the Severn and its tributaries drain these Vales through the Bristol Channel.
  • The only course was to plunge into the close-set thickets where riders could not follow. and run for the Severn.
  • Plaid Cymru should use its position in government to oppose the building of the Severn Barrage "megalith", the editor of a Welsh language green magazine has told Golwg. Archive 2007-10-01
  • The Lady is eventually rescued by Sabrina, the nymph of the river Severn and an embodiment of chastity.
  • As this assured novel opens, Jenny takes up her job as Coroner in Severn Vale District, on the English side of the Wales-Bristol border. The Coroner by M. R. Hall
  • Chris Collins had lived with her family in the patched-together weekend house on Maryland's Severn River for several years. A riverfront retreat, built with the long view
  • Here the Severn, squeezed between the wooded walls of the gorge, churns relentlessly, eroding an ever deeper channel.

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