How To Use Servomechanism In A Sentence

  • Laboratory 1 was concerned with standard electromechanical servomechanisms.
  • Shen of the Prediction '(while you polarized by Light patterns and can with compatible networks of tele - 39 Through the pineal area, or are within the mental pathways receive telethought communication, thought communication, can in - third eye network, the framework controlled by the servomechanisms your biological form may appear struct the human self with signals of our biological system, operating or' seraphs 'who control the the same, but your body can work which persist i n "real time" by within the dynamic aspects of mechanical imagery of the mind). with multiple biological environ - color patches of quantized brain ac - Gravity waves and Light waves,' The Way of Shen of the Predic - ments in its three-dimensional layer tivities which can order the ma - can experience the boundaries of tion 'is also called' phyva-gsen of physical reality. Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • The control servomechanisms and the engine controls are armour protected.
  • Based on VI and PXI bus, a servomechanism test system with high credibility, high precision and self-diagnosis capacity, is built up.
  • By the time I came along, his hair was gone, and he had turned from auto repair to producing his own invention: a servomechanism for vending machines.
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  • The robot that controlled by a servomechanism, i. e. , the driving signal of the robot 's motor is a function of the difference between a set target and the actual response.

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