How To Use Serviceman In A Sentence

  • The SOFA demands that every last U.S. serviceman is on a plane by December 31, 2011. Lounge Acts | ATTACKERMAN
  • One of the ramp workers worked as a line serviceman for Signature Flight Support.
  • There was a layout of a Ugandan railway, designed and built by a former serviceman, that included tiny model animals ranging from aardvarks to zebra.
  • ‘I went into the castle with Dave Neligan to spot an ex-serviceman who was supposed to be a tout for the British,’ Tim Kennedy recalled.
  • The tribute coincided with the news that another British serviceman had been killed in the south of the country. Times, Sunday Times
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  • Childcare is either non-existent or so expensive that it is beyond the resources of the serviceman or woman.
  • II; one serviceman from the Persian Gulf War and one, Sgt. Matt Maupin of Ohio, who is still missing from the current war in Iraq. 19 New POW Cases
  • She contracted a formal marriage to a British ex-serviceman.
  • While Lembcke doesn't prove that nobody ever expectorated on a serviceman -- you can't prove a negative, after all -- he reduces the claim to an urban myth. Mark Engler: Spitting in the Faces of U.S. Troops
  • One Jewish serviceman, for example, fraternized with the goal of discrediting Nazi racial theories. Miss Yourlovin: GIs, Gender, and Domesticity during World War II
  • It is on days like this, that I am proud to be an ex-serviceman, proud to do my bit as a special and proud to be British. Sunday Post, Ruralshire, England. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • I don ` t believe a serviceman is contributing less. Thurs. School Board Meeting Racially-Charged at
  • After 30 days of being AWOL a serviceman is considered a deserter, and a warrant is issued for his arrest.
  • Former serviceman and women will also be expected to be given priority. Times, Sunday Times
  • The ex-serviceman was indicted on fraud counts over claims he fought and was wounded. Heroes or Villains?
  • I am an ex-serviceman and I am very, very impressed with how precisely (and overly caring) the Israeli's have fought in Gaza. On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...
  • In an excellent piece of journalism, the camera crew just trained their camera on the serviceman, as he stood on the beach, tears running down his cheeks.
  • I wanted him to be proud of me, just as he was proud of Rab and Steve, but still I was not persuaded that becoming a serviceman was the answer. An Ordinary Soldier
  • In one chilling incident, a US serviceman threatened to shoot a reporter for being too inquisitive.
  • Chris you are so out of line – where do you get off saying that liberals don’ t care when a serviceman is killed. Think Progress » Malkin On Detainee Suicides: ‘Boo-Freakin-Hoo’
  • ‘Sir, there is a woman here that has your name to get a room,’ the head serviceman says over the phone in a very nasal voice.
  • American serviceman is dead, it is not considered sufficient to conclude that a man is still alive. POWs and Politics - Part 2
  • I called the serviceman, and he took apart the inner workings. Hints From Heloise
  • Another Horsforth man claimed the dubious distinction of becoming the first English serviceman to be captured by the Germans - just one day after war broke out.
  • As a serviceman he was reliable, displaying grit, fearlessness, and devotion to duty, as well as being cheerful and optimistic.
  • She contracted a formal marriage to a British ex-serviceman.
  • He was an ex-serviceman, a big, burly guy who would occasionally come home crocked and get violent with the kids. Me, The Mob, And The Music
  • British serviceman killed patrolling Britain's biggest base in was last night named as senior aircraftsman Marcin Wojtak, known to his colleagues as "Big Ted" because of his caring - Articles related to Obama praises Senate committee vote on health care bill, criticizes industry opposition
  • She contracted a formal marriage to a British ex-serviceman.
  • My father is an ex-serviceman. As he is introspective and taciturn, I seldom hear the word "love" in his speech even once. According to mother's evaluation, he is a thin-skinned man.
  • A brave American serviceman is left behind.
  • I'm an ex-serviceman and understand that the comments in that thread (and possibly others) are not "fantasies", "repressed desires" or anything else that they may appear to an outsider. Enough Said
  • A serviceman cannot change his station at will, nor can he discontinue performance of service duties or abandon his station without leave.
  • Former serviceman Ray's next port of call was to grab his flask and give the ‘shaken’ woman driver a cup of coffee to calm her.
  • The reason our parents married us was because I am a respectable serviceman!
  • Being an ex-serviceman, I get annoyed at the fact that my barrackroom was smaller than a jail cell. Couldn’t Prosecute Satan « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • As a serviceman he was reliable, displaying grit, fearlessness, and devotion to duty, as well as being cheerful and optimistic.
  • He is a US serviceman on leave in London.
  • While he doesn't prove that nobody ever expectorated on a serviceman - you can't prove a negative, after all - he reduces the claim to an urban myth.
  • Anyone who thinks the "greed is good" culture started in the 1980s should look up David Edgar's play Destiny (1976), in which an ex-serviceman is appalled when developers tear down his beloved antique shop. State of Emergency: The Way We Were: Britain, 1970-1974 by Dominic Sandbrook
  • She is thinking of letting her house to an American serviceman.
  • Eighty-five-year-old pensioner Lex Morris took exception to his treatment by an electricity line maintenance serviceman, but is galled to find there is no way to stop him entering his Glanmire Road property.
  • His father is an ex-serviceman now working as a military policeman.
  • The 40th anniversary of the last National Serviceman to be demobbed is being marked by a special weekend of parades, guards of honour and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.
  • The serviceman is the product of a Western society which, while it values individualism intrinsically, values subordination in pursuit of a collective objective as well. Soldiers and Warriors
  • The job of a serviceman or woman is unique. The Sun
  • It would be conducted around a bier of wreaths and a serviceman's hat, with a firing party with heads bowed and a chaplain to read the words from the military burial service.
  • The job of a serviceman or woman is unique. The Sun
  • My son is there and I would like to withdraw him, but I am a serviceman and it is the only time he has felt settled.
  • His own experience as a nasho conscript serviceman in Vietnam and the emotional aftermath of his service & return gave weight & empathy to the tale he told. Cheeseburger Gothic » North to adventure.
  • Who will have the ironing all neatly laid out like a national serviceman's bed, then packed so every garment emerges from an aircraft hold as if fresh from the laundry?
  • Sources said the unnamed serviceman, who is now recovering, had an underlying health condition. The Sun
  • Four decades later, it is revealing to compare her grief over suddenly losing her serviceman husband with Iris suddenly losing her mother.
  • Most noticably the ex-serviceman who commented that even if the Afghan campaign will take 30 years, there won't be many (any?) military soldiers who will want to spend 30 years serving in this part of the world. Question Time

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