How To Use Seriatim In A Sentence

  • The board's budget is often approved through a process called seriatim in which the five commissioners sign off on a proposal one by one in sequence. Audit Watchdog, Chinese Counterparts Restart Inspection Talks
  • I do not consider that there is any need to deal seriatim with the various assertions that have been advanced by the applicants.
  • Row data of the displacement measurement with 1-Dimensional Digital Magneto-dependent Sensor array can not span two full code regions, so that it can't correct code seriatim.
  • I had not proposed to go through those seriatim.
  • The question of whether the risk to national security is sufficient to justify the appellant's deportation cannot be answered by taking each allegation seriatim and deciding whether it has been established to some standard of proof.
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  • One of two virtues of this account is that it makes a sympathetic understanding of the current science possible by taking up, systematically and seriatim, the major schools of recent and contemporary thought.
  • Or if the point is that the minority is in danger of not being heard, a rule which allowed 40 (or 30?) members to require a further debate within a generous bu fixed limit (X more days) (once not seriatim) should do. Matthew Yglesias » Harkin Reintroduces Filibuster Reform
  • But it may be that the effect is not the same in the magazine because of the variety in the authorship, and because it would be impossibly jolting to read all the short stories in a magazine 'seriatim'. Literature and Life (Complete)
  • TAUBMAN: They supported it seriatim, which is one after another. Khrushchev: The Man and His Era (Part 2)
  • Ravel's exclusive publishing arrangement notwithstanding, it's not uncommon for musical works to be published over time by different publishers and subsequently freighted with the conflicting, sometimes overzealous or heavy-handed input of seriatim editors reflecting shifting interpretative mores. Four Lost Measures Found
  • Comparisons between Faith Matters and NCS cannot be made precisely, as the NCS asked about four racial groups in seriatim: What percentage of your congregation is white? American Grace
  • And, moving on to the topic of this post, Saturday's term was seriatim, which is defined as: Define That Term #25
  • So starting Friday, June 10th in this space, I will examine seriatim the fallout and controversies that followed in the wake of Systemic Analysis.
  • Well, he did more than that; God knows what he said to them, privatim et seriatim, over the next two days, but it dam 'near caused a mutiny. THE NUMBERS

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