[ UK /sˈɛpʌlkɹə‍l/ ]
  1. suited to or suggestive of a grave or burial
    funereal gloom
    hollow sepulchral tones
  2. of or relating to a sepulchre
    sepulchral monuments in churches
    sepulchral inscriptions
  3. gruesomely indicative of death or the dead
    ghastly shrieks
    a charnel smell came from the chest filled with dead men's bones
    the sepulchral darkness of the catacombs
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How To Use sepulchral In A Sentence

  • One might mention an object or a locality, and sepulchral silence would descend.
  • the sepulchral darkness of the catacombs
  • Of greatest concern to me was a certain unmistakable foetor—that same dusty, sepulchral stench from my dream! Abomination at the Shilkie
  • Now our stone may differ a little from the general run of Holed Stones found in many of the sepulchral monuments to be found in Western Europe to India.
  • _First_, He laid down that the term pyramid was misapplied, as the term referred only to figures and structures of a special mathematical form; being apparently quite unaware that, as shown in the text and notes, pp. 219 and 220, it was often applied archæologically to sepulchral mounds and erections that were not faced, and which did not consist of a series of triangles meeting in an apex. Archaeological Essays, Vol. 1
  • Here, when you enter his gloomy penetralia, and invoke his services, the sable-clad and cadaverous- featured shopman asks you, in a sepulchral voice-we are not writing romance, but simple fact - whether you are to be suited for inextinguishable sorrow, or for mere passing grief; and if you are at all in doubt upon the subject, he can solve the problem for you, if you lend him your confidence for the occasion. . . Archive 2008-06-01
  • hollow sepulchral tones
  • Climbing on to the roof one winter night, knowing they were sitting round the fire, he called down the chimney in a sepulchral voice, ‘Joseph and Elizabeth, the Lord commandeth thee to go to the Salt Lake City.’
  • More serious conjectures find some examples of sepulture in elephants, cranes, the sepulchral cells of pismires, and practice of bees, — which civil society carrieth out their dead, and hath exequies, if not interments. Hydriotaphia, or Urn-burial
  • A writer-caretaker who, snowbound in this sepulchral hell, eventually loses it, his descent into madness is displayed through the most perversely witty of character arcs.
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